At My Wealth Solutions, we pride ourselves on being different from ‘typical’ financial advisors and planners.  Regardless of your stage of life and your financial status, our aim is help you achieve your financial goals.

We build personalised financial plans that create, grow and protect wealth.

We describe our approach to financial planning as values and lifestyle based. Our personal approach enables us to develop plans based on YOUR specific and unique wants, needs and expectations.

Unlike other financial planners, we do not force fit your financial needs into pre-determined products and programs. We build plans that we believe in.

We understand that financial planning can be perceived as a daunting and complex process. We simplify the science of financial planning, and will talk to you in your language.

In simple terms, we will work closely with you to :

  1. Get a clear picture of your current situation
  2. Understand where you want to be and set clear goals
  3. Develop and explain the strategies, actions and investments to achieve the goals
  4. Communicate with you regularly about performance, refinement and improvement
  5. Provide ongoing coaching, mentoring and advice

CONTACT US today to create, grow and protect your wealth.

Free First Consultation

We always put people before products. We take the time to get to know you, your needs and your expectations before talking about strategies, plans and products. We’d love the opportunity to discuss how we can improve your financial future.