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Free Financial Planning Consultation

– Need to develop a clear financial plan?

– Unsure about the next step for your finances and need advice?

– Want to achieve a secure financial future?

– Need help to get your finances under control?

Our team is here for you.

At My Wealth Solutions, we will explore your current situation, your goals and the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Most importantly, we will develop a unique plan for you.

We will do this in an uncomplicated manner and our financial advisors pride themselves in their ability to simplify financial jargon.

As part of our values and lifestyle-based approach, in this session, we will get to know your current situation to ensure we take a holistic view of your financial future before making any recommendations.

In this consultation you will receive:

  • A clear picture of your current financial situation
  • Answers to your concerns and questions
  • A holistic view of investment opportunities and how they relate to your financial future
  • Guidance and support for designing and setting your financial goals and objectives
  • An outline of the strategies discussed to create your clear financial roadmap for you to take away

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