Choosing A Financial Advisor

Like all decisions in your financial world, choosing a financial advisor is not a decision to be made lightly.

Choosing the right financial advisor can mean a secure financial future for you and your family, choosing the wrong advisor… we don’t want to say, but it could mean the quite the opposite.

A financial advisor is there to help you achieve the financial future you want and to ensure what you do now financially will be beneficial for your future.

As your advisor, he or she will be working with you and your family through some important and tough decisions and so you’ll need to be confident in your advisor to ensure you have confidence in your finances.

What makes a good a financial advisor?

The qualities that make up a good financial advisor can be different for each person. We believe that there are several key qualities that we believe all financial advisors should possess such as, honesty, trustworthiness, professional knowledge and the ability to understand your financial goals.

Qualities of a good financial advisor:

  • The ability to understand your current situation and your goals
  • Can use your situation and goals as the base for your financial plan
  • Knowledgeable about the industry and legislative requirements
  • Is a trustworthiness and reputable professional
  • Can instil confidence in your financial future
  • Isn’t under the influence of a particular product or institution

Other elements that make up a financial advisor can come down to personal preference and like your financial situation, change from person to person. We encourage you to speak to one of our financial advisors and make up your own mind whether we’re the right ones to help you and your situation.

We could tell you about how good we believe we are but we’ll leave that to our Client Testimonials and Google Reviews.

Understanding the cost of financial planning fees:

When choosing a financial advisor it is important to understand who is paying who. MoneySmart recommends asking these questions:

  • How does the financial advisor get paid?
  • Are there costs for the preparation of the Statement of Advice?
  • What are the implementation and ongoing costs?
  • Does the financial advisor receive commissions?
  • Does the cost change depending on the level of service?
  • What am I committing to when it comes to the fees?

You also need to ask yourself – What is the cost of not taking action/not getting professional advice?

You can read more information about our financial planning fees or you can ask them in your obligation free initial appointment.

Should You Use a Financial Planner?

You can certainly go it alone when it comes to managing your money. But you could also try to do it yourself when it comes to auto repair. In both areas, doing it yourself is a brilliant idea for some, and a flawed plan for many, many others.

Mastering personal finance requires countless hours of research, learning and application. For most, it’s too time-consuming and not worth the ongoing effort when considering everything else that goes into someone’s busy schedule.

As you get older, busier and (it is hoped) more wealthy, your financial goals – and options – get more complicated.

A financial advisor can help you

  • Set and achieve your financial goals
  • Make the most of your money
  • Get any government assistance you’re entitled to
  • Feel more in control of your finances and your life
  • Avoid expensive mistakes
  • Protect your assets

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