A Look Into the Investment Property Market in 2022


Just like many of you, we have been watching the property market with great interest since our last update. As Australia steps out of lockdowns and learns to live with the ‘new norm’, the economy has also responded and adapted. Sporadic lockdowns and the proliferation of new Covid-19 variants within Australia and internationally have impacted the property market in multiple ways. As a result, the property market looks slightly different as we begin 2022.  Whether you’re a first-time investor or already have a few properties under your belt, here is a quick look at what you should know before investing in your next property in Queensland or  across Australia in 2022. 

How is the property market faring in Australia?

Australia’s property market has seen a boom in 2021 despite multiple lockdowns, fluctuations in Covid-19 cases, and new variants – especially in the southern states. Over the past year, Brisbane house prices have risen over 27.4%, Melbourne 15.1%, and Sydney 25.3%. Historically low interest rates have also played a key role in the market boom so far.

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The boom in Queensland

The market in South East Queensland saw an uptake of new interstate migrants from New South Wales and Victoria. According to CoreLogic, since the beginning of 2021, the median house price in Brisbane has soared 19.2%, with units also increasing in value by 8.3% over the same period. Brisbane house prices saw a price surge of 2.9% in December alone. Regional Queensland was a popular location for investors considering relocating, with investor activity rising in coastal and regional areas since 2020. 

Following the announcement that South East Queensland will host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the acceleration of investment and timeframes for infrastructure means the SEQ property market will continue to shine. Indicators like low levels of available property stock, record low interest rates, high levels of consumer confidence and household savings, more flexible work-from-home arrangements, and the fear of missing out point towards a strong market in 2022

However, it is notable for investors looking to lease their properties that analysis from CoreLogic showed that while rental rates are rising since 2008, there has been a significant gap between the rate of growth in house rental prices compared with unit rental prices. Largely, unit rental rates have increased at a slower pace than house rental rates since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.  However, this may begin to balance out as rental availability continues to diminish.

What is the outlook for 2022?

In 2022, the value of property, in general, is said to keep increasing, but only in specific locations and not at the level of increase that we saw in the previous two years. Australia is also entering a period of strong economic growth, with employment looking positive with the rise of new job opportunities across the board.  

Although some experts suggest the rise in Covid-19 cases is unlikely to cause significant ripples in the property market, there are potential and unforeseen risks to the ongoing property price increase. These include the overall consequences of the pandemic and how people behave during these times. As a result, it’s unlikely that we will continue to see the same growth rate over the next two years. Most property markets around Australia have fared relatively well, except for inner-city and high-rise apartments. Still, the growth rate is said to slow down due to affordability issues and reduced demand.

We expect to see a lot of activity in investments in 2022, with an increase in investors’ usage of offset accounts and redraw facilities as we envisage investors to be much more active in 2022.  Investor demand across the unit property sector could be further spurred as international borders open, which is likely to positively impact rental demand, especially across inner-city unit precincts.

The property market is a very interesting environment right now with many positive opportunities  for the savvy investor. As always, we recommend that investors and homeowners do their research before taking action in the property market.  Know your wealth goals and your limits, to ensure that your investment is both safe and profitable. It is important to understand what you are looking for in terms of the type of property, the location, how much you can afford to borrow or spend, and whether it is a short-term or long-term income generator. 

To learn more on property investment as a first-time investor, read our guide on what you need to know when buying your first investment property. 

If you want to get started in property investing, or want expert advice to continue building your investment portfolio, speak with one of our financial advisors today.


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