GPS Wealth Conference 2019: Wrap-Up


The My Wealth Solutions’ Financial Advice Team did us proud at the recent 2019 GPS Wealth Conference, bringing home three awards across a broad range of categories.

The conference – which took place in Bangkok from the 2nd of July until the 7th of July – was designed to encourage GPS Wealth’s network of experienced financial advisors, of which My Wealth Solutions is a part, to continue their education by learning from a number of expert speakers. This spirit of learning was reflected in the conference’s theme: “Dream today, Own tomorrow.”

Of course, while education was the main focus of event, there was still plenty of time to celebrate the achievements of those in the GPS community who stood out in the past year.

This is where the My Wealth Solutions’ team shined.

At the annual Gala Dinner & Awards Night, a themed costume dinner on the final night of the conference, Ben Budge and Nikki Booth – our Director & Senior Financial Advisor and one of our Financial Advisors respectively – were honoured to receive a number of awards, including:

  • Young Gun of the Year Award for 2018-2019: awarded to Nikki Booth for her dedication to developing herself professionally through GPS’ learning opportunities and consistent high performance
  • GPS Wealth Award for 2018-2019: awarded to Guy Freeman for excellence in leadership, commitment to a respectful and collaborative work environment and active participation in the GPS community
  • Practice of the Year Award for 2018-2019: awarded to the entire My Wealth Solutions team for outstanding professionalism and demonstration of and dedication to being the leader in client-focused quality advice and service.

My Wealth Solutions were also finalists in the following award categories:

  • Best Website for 2018-19: which My Wealth Solutions was nominated for due to a forward-thinking website that serves to connect you with both expert financial advice and quality financial information.
  • Adviser of the Year for 2018-2019: which Ben Budge was nominated for due to his demonstrated excellence in the field and the contributions he makes to both My Wealth Solutions and the everyday lives of his clients.

Here’s what Ben, Nikki and Guy had to say about the awards and what they mean to them: 

“Honestly, I was in shock when they announced that I had won the Young Gun award. It felt like a confirmation that I was doing the right thing both by my clients and in my professional growth. I remember when they first announced it, Ben turned to me, slapped me on the back and congratulated me, saying ‘I won that award too, ages ago’ and that was really encouraging as well. I’m glad I got to share that experience with him as it reinforced that I was on the right track in my career. The award, and the experience as a whole, was a really encouraging sign that my focus on helping my clients, and the way that I do it, was recognised and respected. I’m chuffed that I won.” – Nikki Booth

“Winning Practice of the Year and being nominated for Adviser of the Year was very reassuring. Receiving them meant that our company values, ethos and expertise are the right way to help our clients achieve their financial goals. You don’t win awards like this unless you’re doing the right thing by your clients, so the awards meant we were heading in the right direction for our clients and also for ourselves. Being nominated for Adviser of the Year was also a great feeling, it was almost like a pat on the back to say that my career and way of doing things was recognised in the industry.” – Ben Budge

“Since I wasn’t at the conference, when I heard that I won the GPS Wealth Award I was very surprised. But, on reflection, I feel similarly to Nikki and Ben in that the award signifies an instant recognition that I’m doing the right thing for the team and for our clients. I’m very focused on being a leader for both the industry and for the team, and encouraging our team to be as well, so it was nice to receive a reward that recognised that.” – Guy Freeman

It means so much when we are given positive feedback like we were lucky enough to receive at the GPS Wealth Conference, as it means we’re continuing to achieve our aim of helping everyday families like you achieve financial success and security.

So, on behalf of the entire My Wealth Solutions team, we wanted to take the time to thank the GPS Wealth team and every single member of the My Wealth Solutions community for choosing us as your financial partners.

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