Partnership Pathway

Join us building million dollar advice firms within 2 years or less

Our Partnership Pathway

We are looking for Advisors who are ready to partner with us to own and drive My Wealth Solutions forward. 

As My Wealth Solutions continues to grow, we are drawing the best Financial Advisor talent to our business. We hire strategically with support for internal career progression – and we offer our Partnership Pathway.

We are looking for talented Financial Advisors across Australia to join us in providing our clients with our signature level of service. Would you like to start your own My Wealth Solutions branch – with access to our client lists; licensing, operations and systems support; marketing team AND personalised advice from our highly experienced staff? We know the challenges of starting up a business – we want to minimise your risks and help you succeed.

Are You The Right Fit?

My Wealth Solutions has earned its reputation for outstanding service and thoughtful advice – we want to keep building on this foundation. We are building million dollar advice firms, and are focused on finding the right future partners, helping careers grow and ensuring our clients receive the best service possible.

Are you:

  • A Financial Advisor driven by your personal integrity and desire to help your clients achieve success?
  • Ready to be your own boss as an Equity Owner or Partner?
  • Experienced but not getting a chance at your current firm?
  • Needing help to grow your book of business to the next level?
  • Looking to exit your business & need a succession plan?
  • Not satisfied with a recent licensee change?

Your Information Pack

Download the My Wealth Solutions Equity Partnership Pathway Information Pack to discover:

  • Our Business Model & Network Structure
  • Board of Directors profiles
  • Entry points to our Equity Partnership Pathway
    • Employed Advisor
    • Employed Advisor with path to Partner
    • Onboarding your business as immediate Equity Partner
  • Required criteria for successful applicants
  • Why the My Wealth Solutions network is a strategic choice
  • How to take your next steps
award winning and highly recommended
  • Our Vision & Values

    My Wealth Solutions philosophy has been and always will be about putting the best interests of our clients first. We are a dedicated team of financial experts who help our clients achieve a brighter financial future.

    Our Core Values are:

    Excellence for us means always striving to give 110% in everything that we do, and knowing that true excellence comes from consistently doing everything to the best of our ability. In the financial world, we know that every small thing may have an impact.  Our team of financial experts are educated, up-to-date and consistently striving to improve themselves.

    What we do and why we’re here is important, particularly when we deal with sensitive financial information.  We are mindful of our clients’ diverse financial circumstances, and we provide reassurance that our clients’ financial future is safe in our hands – always. Respect is listening when our community speaks, and responding in a respectful and prompt manner. It’s creating a safe space for clients and employees as we work together to create a bright financial future.

    Trust is vey important to us. We’re committed to creating and building trust with all our clients. We want to be our clients’ financial partners for life, and it’s important that every action we take proves that we’re trustworthy and that we have the clients’ success as our goal. We earn trust through consistent demonstrations of excellence, integrity, and dependability.

    We conduct ourselves in an ethical and professional manner at all times – even if no-one is watching. While we do everything in our power to minimise the chance of mistakes, when they do happen, we own up to our mistakes and make a plan to ensure they won’t happen again. Integrity to us means always doing what we say we are going to do.

    At My Wealth Solutions, what you see is what you get. We steer clear of confusing industry jargon and approach our clients with honesty and clarity. We want them to understand their financial world, and we aim that every single member of our team is dedicated to being honest, open and comfortable to be themselves.

  • Our Guiding Principles

    We’re professionals and we show it in the way we act, speak and present ourselves.

    We strive to be clear and respectful at all times when communicating with clients and each other.

    We’re accountable for our work and always look for solutions, rather than give excuses.

    We support and motivate each other as we work together to achieve our common goal of helping you.

    We care deeply about what we do and our team and we are motivated to achieve our collaborative goals.

    We take the time to celebrate the milestones and achievements of both ourselves and our clients.

  • Our Clients

    At My Wealth Solutions, we believe that everybody deserves access to expert financial planning and advice. 

    Our current clients include:

    • Everyday Families
    • High Income Earners
    • Small Business Owners
    • Over 55s and Retirees
    • High net worth individuals
  • Our Team

    My Wealth Solutions has one aim: to help our clients achieve their dream financial futures by empowering them to make smart financial decisions.  Since our founding in 2011 as a two-person operation, My Wealth Solutions has grown exponentially to include a flourishing and growing team and hundreds of satisfied clients.  With over $500M in funds under management, My Wealth Solutions is proud to provide a client-centred and personalised service.

    Our team is relaxed, hard-working, and cheerful. We respect and help each other, we drink coffee and workout together, and we always try to be better today than we were yesterday. We have an individualised approach to mentoring our growing team, that focusses on personal improvement and development.

    Meet the Team >

Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Guy Freeman  |  Director & Managing Principal

    One of My Wealth Solutions’ founding partners, Guy is a veteran of the financial services industry with a breadth of experience across a variety of different roles.

    In his role as Managing Principal, Guy uses his talent for leadership to ensure the My Wealth team is always made up of financial professionals that put the goals and needs of their clients at the heart of every recommendation made.

    He has broad experience in understanding the challenges small business owners encounter and how they can be overcome.  Guy is excited to welcome you to achieve your professional and business goals with My Wealth Solutions.

  • Benjamin Budge  |  Director & Senior Financial Advisor

    Founding partner Ben Budge is an experienced financial advisor and wealth management specialist who has helped everyday families from all walks of life achieve long-term financial success and security.

    An expert business leader, Ben successfully ran businesses in a variety of industries before founding My Wealth Solutions with Guy. Ben’s business acumen and his financial expertise allows him to mentor advisors in successfully assisting clients to achieve their financial goals.

    Ben is known for his friendly, upbeat personality and ability to present complex financial advice in an easy to understand manner. Ben is looking forward to helping you build long-term, successful client relationships.

The Benefits Of The My Wealth Network

In-House Marketing & Lead Generation

With in-house marketing and lead generation accessible for all network members from one centralised location, you’ll never have to worry about where your next lead may come from.

Proven Successful Business Model

We’ve done the hard part and honed in on what clients want from their financial planners and how you can best provide that to them. Ensure your business is always on track to prosper with this knowledge at your disposal.

Support of Experienced Management

Our network is led by a team of experienced financial advisors with over ten years of combined experience delivering outstanding financial support. We know what challenges may come your way and exactly what you can do to overcome them.

Help With Succession Planning

Thinking about retirement but not sure what to do with your current practice? We can help you find and train a successor as you merge your business into the My Wealth Solutions network.

Training & Professional Development

We believe in fostering professional talent from the beginning and have developed a number of professional development programs designed to take your team from where they are to where they’d like to be within your business.

Hit The Ground Running

Skip the difficulties of starting a business from scratch by tapping into the operational processes, templates, meeting scripts and assets already created and tested by us.

Leadership Opportunities

Joining our network gives you leadership opportunities - be your own boss at one of our My Wealth Solutions branches. Embrace the benefits of running your own business without all the start-up challenges & risks.

Tackle Any Industry Changes

Despite increased compliance & costs, we have enjoyed sustained growth due to our experience with what works for our clients. Gain access to our experience & ethical operational processes to weather any storms.

What Our Network Has To Say:


My Wealth Solutions is a very well run business which is making significant progress in all major areas that are required today to be a modern “advice” model business. It has sustainable revenues and funds under management and continues to grow. This business is enjoying growth in an industry which is experiencing little growth. There is a significant focus on marketing and the disciplines employed on marketing performance is reflective of the high quality of management.

Steve Prendeville, Managing Director
Forte Asset Solutions

Complete Your Expression of Interest

If this opportunity has captured your interest, and you would like to know more about the My Wealth Solutions network and our Equity Partnership Pathway, we’d love to meet you and discuss the opportunity for you.

Please complete your Expression of Interest below. Following this, you will have the opportunity to schedule a 30 minute completely confidential call with one of our Directors. If you do not schedule a call, our leadership team will review your application and then connect with you to organise a meeting time. In the meantime, please download our Information Pack for more information on the Equity Partnership Pathway.

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