Financial Advice

We’re here to help.

At My Wealth Solutions, we deliver informed, innovative and industry-leading advice across a range of financial matters.

How Do We Go About It?

In a manner that is both simple to understand and relevant to your personal situation. Our approach is focussed on making the complex things easy, and so to your financial future.

Financial advice is about more than just numbers, income, super, mortgages and assets. It’s the clear understanding of the life you want to lead, the wealth and security you want to create and how the right advice and guidance can make that happen.

This is why we firmly believe in getting to know our clients first, their situation, their goals, and then advise accordingly to help make their financial ambitions a reality.

Our financial advice caters to all such as those looking to consolidate their superannuation, buy their first home or investment propertyinvest in the stock market, to those looking for more complex wealth and estate portfolio management.

We work to refine, enhance and secure the financial well-being of all our clients, respective of their circumstances, their needs and their goals.

What Is Financial Advice?

We define financial advice as merely helping everyday people understand how they can grow, protect and secure their financial future. Regardless of what numbers appear alongside your income or your super, or if you own a house or several, financial advice can help you decide what to do today to help create a brighter tomorrow.

Our mantra is that good advice is advice that can be communicated in a simple manner. This is why our directors, Ben Budge & Guy Freeman, pride themselves on their ability to simplify complex financial jargon. Making all elements of financial advice easy to comprehend for everyday people and families.

Financial Advice For Your Goals

Everyone has different goals in life. But whatever your dreams are, good financial advice can help you achieve them. What’s more, an experienced adviser can help you decide what to do right now, so you can live for today, knowing you’re prepped for the future.

Every day we have to make financial decisions, some more daunting than others. The purpose of financial advice is to help eliminate the stress involved when having to make those big financial decisions and commitments.

It’s the role of the financial advisor to help you understand where your money is going and why, as well as how it’s relative to the goal you want your investment to achieve.

This is done by delving into your finances, educating you on effective financial tools, as well as industry insights that can work to build a sustainable and prosperous financial future.

Our efforts are focussed on recognising key opportunities, as well as legislation offsets that can help increase capital and further complement your portfolio.

So, how do I get financial advice?

It all starts with simply making an enquiry with a financial advisor and going from there.

I Need Financial Advice

We agree. Everyone does.

Whether you’re looking to invest your super, buy your first home, or need guidance on more complicated wealth management matters, everyone requires informed financial advice.


When it comes to people’s finances and their future, everyone needs to get proven financial advice in order to understand how they can secure and maximise their portfolio.

The My Wealth Solutions Difference

While there are plenty of resources available on the internet on top of daily current affairs regarding the economic and financial climate, all the jargon can often be a little hard to digest. What one report says may conflict with another and so on.

You can YouTube how to build a house, but if you’re not a builder, more often than not you’re going to outsource professional personnel regardless.

The same principle applies in finance. Fortunately, at My Wealth Solutions, we boast over two decades of experience in all matters relating to finance. Subsequently, we understand the complexities of strategic investment and how to best mitigate risk and optimise growth.

Financial Advice For You

If you have experienced confusion with your finances or want to avoid any misunderstandings, there is help for you. There are plenty of organisations out there that fail to communicate the finer details of their financial plans. It can be a little unnerving not knowing the status of your funds and the direction it’s going.

At My Wealth Solutions, we believe in delivering advice that is both relevant and that aligns personally with the financial values and goals of our clients. We work to keep you informed and empowered throughout your financial journey.

When it comes to financial advice, there’s no point in letting pride get in the way. It could very well impact the prosperity and stability of your financial future. Know where you sit, and be informed as to how it can grow.

The Cost of Financial Advice

At My Wealth Solutions, we firmly believe in the financial well-being of the greater community, and as such provide free consultations to help everyday people understand the finer details of their assets, personal wealth and how they can best shape their future. Our philosophy is that everyone deserves the right to professional financial advice.

We like to get to know you and your financial circumstances first and foremost. Through learning more about your day to day lives, professions and financial goals, we break down a few key numbers and then elaborate on what would work best for your future and why.

Developing a personal rapport helps us tailor advice that is reflective of your wants and needs, and helps you understand how to best secure your financial well-being.

Where To From Here?

That depends on a couple of things. Sound advice will help you craft the financial future you desire. Our strategies are always reflective of the goals you want to achieve and as such, incorporate different fees and costs. To learn more, enquire today.

Remember, not getting financial advice can be a far more costly decision in the long run. When it comes to financial advice, choose wisely.

Invest in the future you want to create.