Our Financial Planning Process

1. Your Initial Enquiry

Our Financial planning process starts with first you asking the vital questions of what it is you want to achieve financially and then making an enquiry.

Feel free to tell us a little bit about your situation, any challenges you experience day to day or merely where’d you like to be. Upon receiving your enquiry and information, we then move to the next step in the planning process.

2. Our First Conversation

At My Wealth Solutions, we pride ourselves on conducting our business in a manner that is both personal and comfortable for all parties concerned. Following up from your enquiry, one of director’s, either Ben Budge or Guy Freeman, will put in a call to simply introduce themselves and vice versa.

This isn’t a sales call, it’s an exchange of information to see whether we can help or if not, whether we can refer you to someone who can.

If we believe we can help, we make a plan to meet face to face. We will first ask for a brief snapshot of your current financial situation. These will include things like your income, superannuation figures, assets, (big or small), and importantly your goals.

Upon collecting this information we begin work in assessing how we can best achieve your goals, drafting a plan on what tools and investment strategies will work best. All of which leads to our first in-person meeting.

3. Meet & Greet

This is where the planning process really kicks off. Upon learning more about your situation, our directors will ensure you feel comfortable enough to discuss financial related matters.

Ben and Guy pride themselves on their ability to listen and hear what you have to say first and foremost, absorbing all important variables beyond just finance.

These are the moments where we begin to break things down and highlight strategies and options that can form part of your overall financial plan to help deliver your goals.

This phase is different for everyone and subsequently, is done in a manner that ensures all factors are covered and included.

It’s here you will see the elaborate and innovative understanding of financial planning we can provide, and we will walk away with more knowledge and information about how to best move to the next stage, whether it’s with My Wealth Solutions or not.

If you decide to move forward with us and would like a plan developed, we move to the next stage.

4. Develop Your Unique Plan

This is where we begin working on the finer elements of your financial plan. We call upon our extensive years of experience and skill in finance, leveraging all relevant investment avenues and legislative offsets to craft a plan that is both secure and lucrative.

We research, investigate and take all necessary steps to ensure we are minimising risk and optimising growth, formulating a thoroughly tailored financial plan.

We do this over a period of roughly three weeks. Why?

We allocate time for the necessities that are a part of all plans. However, we allow extra time to ensure all decisions made are the best for you and your financial future.

If we have any concerns or feel the need to improve anything, we have enough time execute such, before we present our plan to you. It also allows us to follow up on any extra details we might need.

5. We Present Your Plan

After examining every detail we then present our plan to you in person. If circumstances don’t permit you being there in person, we are flexible to your needs. We can just as easily send relevant documents and present the plan to you online as we can in person.

However, with that in mind, we strongly encourage you to experience our presentation in person as a means of feeling a part of the process, allowing you to ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have prior, throughout or in the future.

This where we really come into our own at My Wealth Solutions. We explain all components of our plans in the simplest and most digestible manner. This keeps you informed every step of the way and helps instil a sense of comfort as we elaborate further into your plan and financial strategy.

After the presentation, we’re open ears to any feedback you may have. If you’re dissatisfied with our proposal, we’re fortunate enough to boast enough experience to modify where possible to meet your needs and quickly.

At My Wealth Solutions, we’re confident in our ability to propose financial planning that is cutting edge and industry leading. However, we do understand the sensitivity and importance of your personal finances, and as such provide you with the necessary space and time required to make your decision or the need to make changes.

6. If Yes, Full Steam Ahead.

If you’re confident in our proposal and want to invest in our plan, we then move toward the preliminary stages of implementation. This takes time for things to immediately kick in.

There’s a  bit of paperwork and so forth, all necessary to adhere to the legalities and to make sure everything is checked and double checked. It takes roughly 1 to 2 months before all elements of your financial plan are underway.

Where To From Here?

Financial growth and security. By investing in a financial plan at My Wealth Solutions, you can be confident that all risk mitigation parameters have been endorsed. As your portfolio develops, we will keep in contact to inform you of any adjustments or decisions, as well as opportunities we believe are fitting of your finances.

Your finances are important, and as such we will remain in frequent touch at all points throughout your journey with us.