Tax Time FAQs

Tax Time FAQs

We’ve prepared the below FAQs for our clients, to make managing your end of financial year planning easier.

Whether you have had a financial plan for some time, or you are new to working with a financial advisor, it’s important to know what you need to do and look for when it comes to completing your tax return. We’ve put together the below FAQs to help our clients as they prepare to complete their tax returns. If you have a question that is not covered here, please feel free to email your advice team. We may add new questions here as you ask them. For more general information on planning for tax time, read our blog post on tax planning here.

  • Can My Wealth Solutions give tax advice?

    Your financial advisor can’t provide tax advice, as tax advice can only be provided by a registered tax professional. Tax advice includes what you personally can and cannot claim. We partner with very experienced accountants that we can refer you to if you don’t currently have your own accountant. If you currently have your own accountant, we can provide you or your accountant with any documentation you need from your financial plan.  

  • What do I need from My Wealth Solutions to do my tax return?

    Please request the below documents from us as needed.

    • My Wealth Solutions can provide you or your accountant with your transaction records from your Macquarie account, if you have one. If you have a Macquarie account, you should request this from us as you prepare to do your tax return.
    • We can also provide you with your financial advice fee invoices, if these are paid from your cash-flow. We cannot provide invoices for fees paid through your super or investment accounts. 
    • If you have made non-concessional contributions to your super and you need a Notice of Intent to Claim, speak with your advisor and we can lodge this with your superfund for you. Note that you may need to action this prior to completing your tax return.
    • If you have an SMSF, all the above documents may also be required and can be requested as above.
  • Will I need any other documents?
    • If you have investments, your investment platform will send your tax statement by email or mail directly to you. This will occur from late August through September, and should not be expected prior to this.  You may need to hold completion of your tax return until you receive this documentation from your investment platform.
    • If you hold income protection, you should also receive your tax statement directly. 

    If you do not receive the above documents, My Wealth Solutions is able to access these documents and provide them to you to share with your accountant. 

  • Now that I have a financial plan, can I still do my own tax?

    We can’t advise if you need an accountant or if you can complete your own tax return. However, if you now have a more complex situation and feel unsure if you understand all the elements of your plan and how they relate to your tax, you can discuss this with your financial advisor.  Your financial advisor may recommend that you visit an accountant. 

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