Jessica Harris

Practice Manager

Practice Manager


Jess joined My Wealth Solutions with over 5 years experience in accounts receivable, project management, business strategy, database management and leadership. Jess has always had a strong passion for Finance and an even stronger ambition to be able to assist others with their financial future. Jess’s ultimate goal is to become a Financial Adviser.


Jess is currently completing her Bachelor of Commerce with a double Major in Financial Planning & Accounting. She holds a Cardiff University Lean Practitioner qualification and is passionate about creating a Continuous Improvement environment, always conscious of the potential to eliminate waste and create enterprise excellence.


Jess’s main responsibilities include but are not limited to; collecting the required preliminary data which provides the foundations of our financial recommendations, and implementing the strategies that are presented in our clients’ Statement of Advice. Jess ensures that all clients’ enquiries are resolved with the highest professionalism, and all administrative tasks provide a positive experience for our clients.

Outside of Work

Jess is an energetic, athletic and vibrant personality who loves being around good quality people. She is a Scuba Diving Assistant Instructor and spends her time teaching other enthusiasts to Scuba Dive, or just getting out for a dive herself! Jess is very passionate about diving with Sharks and Manta Rays. You will often find Jess in the water, or kicking back with friends over a few cold beverages.