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Ross Pocock

Ross is My Wealth Solutions’ Paraplanner and as such is an integral part of the team. Working closely with the Financial Advisers, Ross helps to ensure that our recommendations will meet our clients’ specific financial goals.

  • Experience

    Ross has an extensive background in customer service, which he is able to apply directly to his work in the financial planning industry. Ross recently graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Financial Planning and Finance, which saw him also win FPA Top Emerging Financial Planner in 2017.

  • Role

    Working closely with the Financial Advisers, Ross’s primary focus is preparing the Statement of Advice. This involves a heavy amount of research and analysis of strategies to ensure our recommendations meet the clients’ goals whilst also adhering to our strict compliance standards.

  • Outside of Work

    Ross likes to stay as active as possible and enjoys playing football. He also has been known to give anything a go and enjoys spending time with friends and attending sporting events, music festivals or anything with a great atmosphere.

    Ross and his wife are also keen travellers who want to visit as many countries and experience as many different cultures as possible. He believes that experiences are the best form of souvenir for life.

  • What’s your favourite thing about being part of the MWS team?

    The opportunity to continually grow and the chance to have mentors to work closely with that constantly allow me to learn and develop my skills.

  • What do you wish people knew about financial planning?

    That financial planning is a profession that looks at providing guidance around your entire financial world to help you achieve your goals. We are there to help you make educated and smart decisions around anything financial in order to help you reach your long-term targets.

  • What's your favourite book, movie and food?

    Book: Screw It, Let’s Do It by Richard Branson
    Movie: The Pursuit of Happyness
    Food: Curry of any sort

  • If you could give one piece of advice to the Ross from 10 years ago, what would it be?

    Don’t stress about the small things, everything has a way of working out and if they don’t it’s probably for the better.

  • What's your weirdest office habit?

    I listen to my headphones too loudly while sitting at my desk.

  • What's the one thing about you that people would be surprised to learn?

    That, supposedly, I hold a knife and fork differently to most people when eating food. I am also way too competitive and will do anything to not lose a bet.

  • If you could have dinner with anyone past or present, who would it be and why?

    Richard Branson, as I love how he embraces life so openly with no intention of saying no, regardless of the multiple times he has almost been killed. Plus, he owns his own island, which would be pretty cool.


Robert Creaton and his skilful team helped me and my wife through the process of financial planning by guiding us to take the right steps. I would recommend Robert and My Wealth Solutions to anyone who wants to secure their future without any stress.

Amit M.

We’ve had a great experience at My Wealth Solutions. The team has been very professional and they send updates so we can track how we are going. Robert has made us feel comfortable about our financial future.

Kylie F.

Ben and his team at MWS are very easy to communicate with and they take the time to explain the nuances involved in financial advice as well as being transparent with costs associated, which is refreshing and trustworthy.

Andrew P.

Joining My Wealth Solutions was one of the best decisions I’ve made – they have a great team there and communication is fantastic. Ben walked me through the whole process and I knew I was in safe hands with the transparent explanations of all aspect’s of what I could expect. I can’t recommend them highly enough and am excited about what’s to come.

June J.

So far my experience with Ben and the team at My Wealth Solutions has been exemplary. They have offered fantastic, reliable and prompt advice and their knowledge far outweighs the cost of service. I would recommend this route to anyone seeking financial advice. Looking forward to my future even more so thanks to My Wealth Solutions.

Adriano L.

The team are extremely professional and helpful. Ben has taught me so much already and now I feel like real wealth creation is the reality of my future rather than something that I’m just hoping for. Emily has always gone over and above to make everything really easy for us as well as answering any questions we might have quickly and efficiently. I have and will continue to recommend MWS to any of my friends or family.

Francis R.

Changed to Ben and the guys at My Wealth and have found them very active in setting up my finances after years of neglect. I liked that Ben challenged our thinking, was flexible in setting up our finances, and the team were very active in setting everything up.

Steve F.

The team were very knowledgeable and took the time to ensure our needs were understood. Guy put forward some options to help us achieve our goals and set us up for a solid future.

Jagmeet V.
award winning and highly recommended

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