Empty Nesters

Becoming an empty nester doesn't just have to feel like a time of loss. It is an opportunity to refocus on you and set clear goals for this new phase in your life.

You’ve always put your family first - now it’s time to start taking care of you.

For many, entering the period of life when you have an empty nest can bring with it a sense of loss. For a large portion of your life, you made every choice to protect your family and ensure they had a bright future.

But now that your children have flown the nest, things are different. You may even be feeling a sense of aimlessness without children to directly care for.

But entering this new period in your life doesn’t have to feel empty.

Instead, it provides an opportunity to take a step back and refocus on yourself and your financial world.

As a family-owned business, we understand that life with children can get in the way of even the best intentions when it comes to your financial situation.

But becoming an empty nester means that you have more time and financial resources available to you than possibly ever before.

Now has never been a better time to put yourself first and ensure those resources are being used to create your dream financial future.

That’s where we come in.

With a team of expert financial advisors by your side, getting your financial world sorted becomes as stress-free as possible.

We can help you understand exactly what this new phase of life means for you financially and how your newly available income can be used to meet your short, medium and long-term financial goals.

We can also help you find financial direction when you’re wondering which step to take next after your children have flown the nest.

But do you want to know the best part?

All you have to do to get started is let us know how we can help.

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Common Financial Mistakes

As well as presenting a number of personal challenges, becoming an empty nester also brings with it a slew of financial challenges you may never have thought to consider.

With so much of your energy previously focused on doing what was best for your kids, it can be easy for your personal financial needs to fall to low priority.

We’ve helped empty nesters successfully navigate these common financial challenges:

  • Lacking a clear plan when it comes to retirement
  • Having outstanding debts and not knowing how to pay them off before retirement
  • Not knowing how to use their extra income in the most efficient way
  • Inadequate understanding of exactly what financial bumps in the road may lay ahead
  • Realising that super alone is likely not enough to support a whole retirement

With more spare cash flow at your disposal, it may be tempting to treat yourself to the holiday of a lifetime or a new car. But while this sort of purchase might feel good in the short-term, your spare cash could be better utilised ensuring your long-term financial future is secure.

Don’t worry, creating a financial plan for the long-term doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Your team of professional financial advisors is here to help with every aspect of your financial world.

We understand that having children can often mean there’s little time to spare and everyday financial mistakes can pile up into one major headache.

We take the stress out of the situation by helping you to make smart financial decisions and ensuring you’re on track to create your dream financial future.

Are you experiencing these financial challenges? We can help

Knowing what to do with newly freed-up funds can be more difficult than it appears at first glance.

Whether you’re interested in exploring your investment options, want to plan for retirement or just want to pay off any outstanding debts, choosing where to start can be a challenge.

That’s why we aim to make it easy, by enabling you to tackle any financial challenge that comes your way with the confidence of knowing your financial future is secure.

Your team of financial advisors can help you:

  • Set clear financial goals
  • Define a comprehensive retirement plan
  • Create a realistic budget that factors in your increased cash flow
  • Figure out the right way to pay off your mortgage or any other outstanding debts
  • Understand the financial challenges you’ll encounter in the future
  • Work together now and into the future to achieve your goals
  • Stress less by knowing your financial future is protected

As a family-owned and operated business, we’re uniquely positioned to see your financial world from your perspective.

We understand how becoming an empty nester can be a time of both personal and financial growth.

Let us help ensure that financial growth is being used to create your dream financial future.

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I contacted Ben Budge to provide a holistic review of our financial position, including investments, superannuation and retirement planning. Ben provided a summary of our financial goals, along with how our strategies aligned with those objectives…which was great for motivating us to make some changes…I would consider Ben to be very professional and friendly, and I’d recommend him to anyone seeking to secure their financial and retirement planning.

Ian J.

I was recommended Guy Freeman’s help with planning my financial future, and am very satisfied and reassured by his input over the last couple of years. I’ve actually received more input than I thought possible…sound investments; making a will, life insurance, income protection insurance, and realistic plans for retirement… I feel ‘looked after’ by this company, and excited about my financial future.

Jack H.

My experience with My Wealth Solutions has been positive from the beginning. Ben answered my many questions and took the time to discuss any concerns in detail to clarify any grey areas. I’m very happy with MWS and look forward to a long association with them. I would recommend My Wealth Solutions to anyone looking for excellent financial advice/planning.

Margaret G.

After 20 years of working, we had no real direction when it came to planning for our financial future. After deciding to visit My Wealth Solutions, we now have achievable financial goals and we couldn’t be more confident that the strategies employed will ensure a comfortable retirement. The MWS team took the time to understand our current financial situation, needs and wants…Guy and Nikki…explained all aspects of their advice in a clear language that was easy to understand.

Mick & Dani I.

I want help getting my financial situation sorted. What should be my next step?

You’ve come to the right place!

Becoming an empty nester is the ideal time to put yourself first and take practical steps towards creating your dream financial future.

We help you do just that while giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your financial world is taken care of.

Taking the first step toward your dream financial future has never been easier.

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You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.

— C.S. Lewis

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Want to know how to make the most out of this new phase in your life?

Your team of expert financial advisors is here to help you review your financial world and set clear goals for the journey ahead.