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Preparing for the future doesn't have to be a chore. Securing your dream financial future is simple with expert financial advice and guidance.

No matter what your dream financial future looks like, planning is the key to achieving it.

The time has come: you’re beginning to think more and more about the future and what it looks like for you. You find yourself wondering what life will look like after retirement and picturing pursuing a passion or finally taking off on that well-deserved holiday.

Suddenly, discussing what your ideal retirement looks like and finding out how much you need to put away to support that retirement, and all your commitments, rises to the top of your priority list.

Sound familiar?

Like many of your fellow over 55s, a changing financial landscape and the likelihood of living longer than previous generations has meant that preparing for the golden years of your life is not as simple as you may have first expected.

And that’s all before considering the other factors which may weigh on your financial world as you move forward, such as caring for elderly parents, supporting struggling children or planning for any future unforeseen expenses you may encounter.

With all these thoughts running through your mind, achieving that financial future you dreamt of suddenly feels impossible.

But it doesn’t have to be, with an expert financial advisor to guide you.

That’s where we come in.

At My Wealth Solutions, we’re specialists in helping those just like you achieve a financial future free from stress and worry.

Our expert financial advisors can help you ensure that your money is working hard to build the financial future you want while making sure you’re prepared for any unexpected financial challenges that may come your way.

Achieving a financial future where you’re free to pursue what you love without having to worry about whether you have enough money is simple.

All you have to do to get started is get in touch.

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Common Challenges

As a member of the generation that is currently 55 and older, you may feel like you’re constantly caught between juggling your own financial needs and those of both your parents and your children.

In this situation, it can be easy to let your own needs, both for the now and the future, slip to the bottom of the priority list as you look to help your loved ones.

But while it’s easy to let small things slide, together they can quickly add up into one major financial headache further down the track.

In our experience helping those just like you, those aged over 55 often face these financial challenges:

  • Drawing on their retirement savings to financially support elderly parents or struggling children
  • Not planning for any potential healthcare costs they may face in the future
  • Investing only in one type of investment, which leaves them vulnerable to market crashes
  • Not knowing how much they’ll realistically need to enjoy their desired lifestyle in retirement
  • Thinking that they have it figured out without looking at the numbers
  • Having to work longer than expected to provide for a longer retirement
  • Planning for the lifestyle they have now, not the one they would like to have in retirement
  • Relying solely on Centrelink to fund their retirement
  • Depending on their partner’s retirement plan to fund their financial future
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of planning needed and not taking action as a result

You’ve worked hard to build your wealth; we’re here to make sure that that wealth continues to work even harder to support you well into the future.

With us by your side, you’ll never have to worry about whether you’re on track to achieve the financial future you want.

Struggling with a financial challenge you could use help tackling?

Sound familiar? We can help

De-stressing your financial world is simple – with a team of expert financial professionals in your corner.

Even if you think that you’re currently on track, our team of expert financial advisors can help you figure out whether this is reality and, if not, how you can get from where you are now to where you’d like to be.

Our approach to financial planning considers every part of your financial world, meaning that every recommendation and piece of advice given to you is tailored specifically to your financial situation and goals.

Your dedicated team of financial advisors can help you:

  • Diversify your investment portfolio according to your risk tolerance
  • Ensure that you and your loved ones are protected, no matter what
  • Create a retirement plan that makes sure you’ll be able to live the lifestyle that you want
  • Successfully transition to retirement without the stress of worrying about money
  • Learn more about what costs to expect as you get older
  • Design and implement a plan to help you pay off any outstanding debts you may have
  • Set crystal-clear goals for where you’d like to be in the future and design a plan to help you get there
  • Work out exactly how much income you’ll need as you get older to support the retirement you want

For us, financial planning is not about giving you a place to start and sending you on your way. Instead, it’s about providing you with expert financial guidance, whenever and wherever you need it.

Our goal is simple: to help you make smart financial decisions so you’re able to enter the golden years of your life without having to worry about money.

It’s time to put yourself first.

Let us help you achieve your dream financial future.

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Nikki Booth and the team at My Wealth Solutions have set my wife and I on the straight and narrow! We came to Nikki to discuss what we ‘could’ do and left with what we ‘will’ do with our finances. I was skeptical with how easy it all sounded and 8 months in, we are finding that the service and understanding from the team has been second to none. I would and have recommended the My Wealth Solutions team to my family and friends. The only regret would be that we started sooner with this team.

Mark R

Robert Creaton and his skilful team helped me and my wife through the process of financial planning by guiding us to take the right steps. I would recommend Robert and My Wealth Solutions to anyone who wants to secure their future without any stress.

Amit M.

We’ve had a great experience at My Wealth Solutions. The team has been very professional and they send updates so we can track how we are going. Robert has made us feel comfortable about our financial future.

Kylie F.

My Wealth Solutions are the first financial advisers I have found that consider your entire financial position. They are not focused on one product or investment type, rather they are focused on finding the right financial solution for your current situation. I am looking forward to working with Ben and his team over the coming years.

James C.

I contacted Ben Budge to provide a holistic review of our financial position, including investments, superannuation and retirement planning. Ben provided a summary of our financial goals, along with how our strategies aligned with those objectives…which was great for motivating us to make some changes…I would consider Ben to be very professional and friendly, and I’d recommend him to anyone seeking to secure their financial and retirement planning.

Ian J.

Joining My Wealth Solutions was one of the best decisions I’ve made – they have a great team there and communication is fantastic. Ben walked me through the whole process and I knew I was in safe hands with the transparent explanations of all aspect’s of what I could expect. I can’t recommend them highly enough and am excited about what’s to come.

June J.

My wife and I decided to make some changes to the way we were managing our finances and planning for our future financial security. Through the process of re-financing for the construction of our new family home,…from the very first meeting we had with Ben, we were comfortable and at the same time excited about…to our financial planning and future position.

Andrew H.

So far my experience with Ben and the team at My Wealth Solutions has been exemplary. They have offered fantastic, reliable and prompt advice and their knowledge far outweighs the cost of service. I would recommend this route to anyone seeking financial advice. Looking forward to my future even more so thanks to My Wealth Solutions.

Adriano L.

“I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.”

— Denzel Washington

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