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A sound investment strategy is not reserved just for older people with existing wealth. This is a common misconception, which is why we offer solid investment advice to people of all ages, helping them plan for their financial future.

It is just as important for people of all ages and financial capacities to have a solid financial investment plan to help secure their financial future.

Everyone should work with an investment professional to develop a plan that is right for them, and has been specifically tailored to their unique situation.

Our Investment Strategy

My Wealth Solutions has been offering investment advice in Brisbane and surrounding areas for a number of years, and our investment strategies are delivered according to our C.A.R.E. process.

  • Core Investments (40%-100% portfolio depending on risk profile)
  • Active Investment (0%-20% portfolio depending on risk profile)
  • Reserves (Retirees 4 years worth of spending/Working Income Protection and Emergency Fund)
  • Enhanced Returns (0% – 35% depending on risk profile)

Throughout our meetings we will provide you further details about our C.A.R.E. investment process.

The Benefits of Our Process

  • Consistent, easy and straightforward communication
  • Uncomplicated understanding of WHY you hold every investment in your portfolio
  • Confidence in your portfolio to deliver long term returns to reach and maintain your retirement goals
  • Avoiding the common mistakes when markets are at extreme highs or lows or periods of high volatility

The Ongoing Process

We strive to stay ahead of investment trends to deliver the most accurate and sound investment strategies.

It is important to realise that as your portfolio grows your needs will change, and with this comes minor adjustments and modifications to your investment strategy.

We help you to grow and adapt your investment strategy as your wealth grows to ensure you are always on track to achieving your financial goals.

We also offer specialised investment strategies for business owners that address their specific needs not normally provided for in traditional investment strategies.

This specialised strategy will provide an intelligent financial roadmap for your business and personal portfolio and ensure long-term financial success.

Property Investment Strategies

Deciding on investing in property is one of the most common areas where we have helped clients. This is of course as part of the holistic approach we take with your investment portfolio and strategies. There are many things to consider when contemplating investing in property and more information can be found on our property investment strategy page.

To Create, Grow & Protect Your Financial Future

Contact the team or call 07 3852 4114 today. If you’ve got any questions head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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