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You don't have to be wealthy to invest, but you do need to invest to become wealthy.

A sound investment strategy is not reserved for older people with existing wealth. Investing has a place in the financial strategy of people of all financial stages, whether it is shares, index funds, or property investing!

However, many people don’t invest because they don’t think they have enough to get started, they believe investing is too risky or complicated, or they are afraid of making a mistake.

It is never too early or late to start investing, and no amount is too small. Long-term investing of small amounts combined with good compound returns will successfully build wealth.

We consider it to be extremely important that you have an investment plan for wealth accumulation to help build your financial future. That’s why our financial and investment advisors provide thorough, well-researched, and expert-backed advice and investment strategies for our clients. Our holistic service includes much more than investing, as we work with an overall approach to creating wealth for our clients. However, our Sydney financial advisors and Brisbane financial advisors are experienced in investment management and know how to seamlessly incorporate your ideal investment strategy into your financial plan.

As part of our financial planning process, our financial advisors understand and clarify your current financial situation and work with you to develop your investment goals and risk profile that form the foundation for your customized investment strategy.

Our Investing Process

My Wealth Solutions investment strategies are delivered according to our C.A.R.E. process.

  • Core Investments (40%-100% portfolio depending on risk profile)
  • Active Investment (0%-20% portfolio depending on risk profile)
  • Reserves (Retirees 4 years worth of spending/Working Income Protection and Emergency Fund)
  • Enhanced Returns (0% – 35% depending on risk profile)

Our stock investment process has many benefits, including:

  • Consistent, easy and straightforward communication
  • Helping you to gain an uncomplicated understanding of WHY you hold every investment in your portfolio
  • Ensuring your portfolio delivers long-term returns in order to reach and maintain your goals
  • Utilising our Money on the Move technique, allowing you to avoid common investing mistakes when markets are at extreme highs or lows or periods of high volatility
  • Adjusting your strategy as your investment portfolio grows or your needs change

We help you to grow and adapt your investment strategy as your wealth grows or the market changes to ensure you are always on track to achieving your financial goals.

We offer specialised investment strategies for ethical investors, business owners, or investing beginners, that address their individual needs in ways that are not normally provided for within traditional investment strategies.

Our personalised strategies provide an intelligent financial roadmap for your business and personal portfolio and ensure long-term financial success.

Frequently Asked Investment Questions

  • What is the difference between speculating, investing and saving?

    Speculating is NOT something that My Wealth Solutions will advise on.

    Speculating is buying an asset in the hope that the value of the asset will increase. The timeframe of this could be anything from a couple of days to several years.

    Saving is putting money aside for a finite time that will eventually be withdrawn and spent on a particular goal.

    Investing is buying an asset to enjoy the income from that asset. Providing it is a good investment; the income and asset value will grow.

  • How can dollar cost averaging help grow my wealth?

    For those with large amounts of cash to be invested, it can be less stressful to place these investments over a period of time.

    This means your team of financial advisors will never invest your total lump sum at a market high but will rather systematically invest a fixed amount regularly over a period of time. This means that you invest at a lower average purchase price over time, rather than attempting to time the market. Your buy-in costs are therefore, balanced over the natural market fluctuations, and you’ve invested consistently over time rather than losing time on waiting.

    By having a team of professionals on your side to make the many and sometimes complicated decisions involved in investing, you’ll have a greater chance of financial success.

    Your financial advisor has the time, resources, education and experience to select and manage your investments.

    The following are just some of the decisions a certified financial planner will make in order to help you achieve your financial goals:

    • What to buy?
    • When to buy?
    • How to value?
    • When to sell?
    • How does investing fit with your whole financial picture?

    These decisions are best made based on deep research and experience, not whims, tips, hunches or half-baked attempts at research. Investing should not be a gamble, and we work to ensure you have confidence in your future asset growth.

  • Should I invest in property or shares?

    Property and shares are two of the most common investment categories. Because each person’s lifestyle goals and focus is different, we work closely with our individual clients to create financial roadmaps that include the right investment strategies for them.

    Both investment categories have pros and cons and can benefit your investment strategy in different ways. For example, you need to consider things such as your initial budget to buy into the investment, the outcomes you are seeking, both short and long-term, and if you want to earn money from your investment immediately. 

    That’s why your investment advisor will create an investment plan that is tailored to you

    For more information about what’s involved in investing in property or shares, click on the links at the bottom of the page for a comprehensive overview.

  • How is My Wealth Solutions' investment strategy different?

    My Wealth Solutions has been offering investment advice in Brisbane and the surrounding areas for over 10 years. Our investment team is backed by a committee of expert investors who have many years of experience in economics, capital markets and financial advice.

    Our investment strategies are delivered according to our C.A.R.E. process. This involves a strategy where your investment is divided into 4 buckets. Core investments, Active investments, Reserves, and Enhanced Returns. This combines foundational long-term investments and high-return investments with a reserve that provides stability when the market is unsteady or declines.

    Throughout our meetings, we will provide you with further details about our C.A.R.E. Investment process.

    Over the long term, shares will generally perform better than any other passive investment. The trade-off is that they fluctuate in value and can decrease in value over the short term.

    This is perfectly normal, and if you own shares, they will go down in value from time to time. However, when held for the long run and if appropriately diversified, history has shown that they outperform other investment asset classes.

    Timing of the share market is largely a futile exercise, as years of studies have shown. Accurately timing the short-term movements of the share market is often very difficult to do well once or twice, let alone consistently, while following predictions rarely has benefits to your portfolio. Knowing when to get in is one thing, knowing when to get out is another, and then once you’re out, you have to get back in. This is an impatient game with a high failure rate.  

    Investing by timing the market has increased costs (brokerage and taxes) and creates an unproductive short-term focus rather than the long-term achievement of your goals.

    Wise, long-term investments will deliver good returns that make timing of the markets unnecessary.

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We have had a fantastic experience with My Wealth. We have been working with Nikki and she is incredibly professional and thorough. The My Wealth platform and investment strategies is exactly what we were looking for, we have full confidence that the solutions they have put in place will set us up financially for the future.

Mitch E

My Wealth Solutions are the first financial advisers I have found that consider your entire financial position. They are not focused on one product or investment type, rather they are focused on finding the right financial solution for your current situation. I am looking forward to working with Ben and his team over the coming years.

James C.

I contacted Ben Budge to provide a holistic review of our financial position, including investments, superannuation and retirement planning. Ben provided a summary of our financial goals, along with how our strategies aligned with those objectives…which was great for motivating us to make some changes…I would consider Ben to be very professional and friendly, and I’d recommend him to anyone seeking to secure their financial and retirement planning.

Ian J.

My experience with Guy Freeman has been totally professional and totally satisfactory. Guy has managed my small investments but maintained at the same time a personal interest in my health and well being… I have to say that I have complete trust in Guy and am so pleased he is looking after my investments giving me a secure future.

Jennette B.

Guy…was also the most helpful and friendly of all the advisors. The quick responses and helpful, friendly advise has been a mainstay of our dealings with Guy and MWS. We have been very satisfied with the financial advice given. They helped us to consider matters like income protection, super funds and life insurance that we had very little knowledge about. Guy has also been able to give us a focus for our savings and investments going forward into the future.

Brendan N.

After 20 years of working, we had no real direction when it came to planning for our financial future. After deciding to visit My Wealth Solutions, we now have achievable financial goals and we couldn’t be more confident that the strategies employed will ensure a comfortable retirement. The MWS team took the time to understand our current financial situation, needs and wants…Guy and Nikki…explained all aspects of their advice in a clear language that was easy to understand.

Mick & Dani I.

The my wealth solutions team have been extremely helpful over the last couple of months whilst setting up our investments. Nikki and the team always get back to us promptly when we have questions. Thanks for the fantastic support!

Tara P.
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