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Taking control of your finances is the first step to creating the future you want.

Have you recently left the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and received compensation or a pension?

The transition to civilian life is no doubt challenging for some veterans. 46% of those who especially have combat experience describe their readjustment to civilian life as difficult. Furthermore, 35% of all veterans say they had trouble paying their bills in the first few years after leaving the military.

As you adapt to this new chapter in your life, you may encounter varying living expenses and potentially a decrease in income compared to what you received during your time in the ADF. It’s not uncommon for many who have served in the military to face financial challenges during this adjustment period.

Please remember that you’re not alone in navigating these financial changes. We are here to provide you with the support and guidance you need to effectively manage your finances during this transition. Your well-being is our priority, and we are fully committed to assisting you through this period of change with care and understanding.

Why is Financial Planner Important for Veterans?

Financial Planning is highly beneficial to everyday families and also for veterans who are facing retirement or an early discharge. For any veterans dealing with injury or pension income, financial planning will be especially helpful. This is because your financial situation has changed, and you may not have the time or financial experience to build the financial stability you need for the future.

If you have previously served in the ADF, you could be entitled to compensation for any medical conditions connected to your service. These benefits can include a pension, lump sum payments, and other benefits, which can be overwhelming to navigate and apply for.

You may also be eligible to receive assistance from the DVA to help pay for financial advice.
The DVA recognises the importance of ensuring veterans have access to sound financial guidance, especially as they navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that come with their service-related benefits.

The Challenge Veterans Face

Veterans who transition out of full-time service may face a number of financial challenges such as:
  • Having a hard time adjusting to changes in living costs and wages
  • Feeling unsure about how to begin the search for their first home
  • Facing unfamiliarity with services that were previously provided by the military (such as Medicare, private health, or life insurance)
  • Feeling the lack of financial knowledge and confidence to make decisions
  • Needing help with debt management and credit building
  • Struggling to budget effectively and manage financial resources efficiently

Financial advice and education can provide valuable assistance to veterans in understanding their financial situation, developing investment strategies, and confidently managing their finances. With expert advice, you’ll also minimise the stress and risks associated with financial decisions going wrong.

Our Services

Our advisors have a broad range of specialties, so we have the skills and experience for your unique financial situation. Your plan might include strategies for:
DVA Entitlements

If you are looking for someone who can help you with DVA claims and compensation payments, we can help guide and refer you to our top tier DVA advocates.

Wealth Creation & Management

We’re dedicated to working with you to grow your wealth and ensure that your wealth is being managed in a way that helps secure your financial future.

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (Military Super, ADF Super)

We make sure you have a thorough understanding of superannuation and help combine all your super in a good fund for your long-term financial goals.

Property & Investment Advice

Investment properties are a fundamental part of a successful financial future. We make sure that you have all the information you need to purchase the right investment property for you.

Retirement Planning

We can help create your create dream retirements. But first, we make sure that your finances are on track and create the plan that is going to help you get there.

Investment Advice

When it comes to investment advice, shares and property are the two most popular options. We can help you figure out which investment option is right for you and your circumstances.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of highly qualified financial advisors are experienced in working with veterans.
  • We have a team of qualified financial advisors who are experienced in working with veterans.
  • We provide a full suite of services to create a holistic financial roadmap for your future.
  • We listen to your unique needs, goals, and circumstances.
  • Our mission is to help you, and your family, achieve financial security.
  • Before committing to your plan, we’ll spend time with you discussing your goals and what financial freedom means to you.
  • We work closely with partners including veterans advocates, accountants, and mortgage brokers.
  • You get access to the best local professionals in a way that supports your overall financial strategy.

As a family-owned business, we understand how important it is to know that your financial future is secure and your family is protected.

We believe in integrity and transparency, and we work to a comprehensive and regulated ethical standard, so you can feel confident your finances are in safe hands.

Nikki and the team at My Wealth Solutions have been helpful and advised me well throughout the process of implementing a financial plan that fits perfectly my needs and goals for the future. Thank you!
Jean B., CAO

I was referred to My Wealth Solutions during an informal conversation with an acquaintance about consolidating superannuation accounts and financial advice in general. After some research, my wife and I decided to contact My Wealth Solutions and signed up. Following a number of friendly, focussed and professional conversations with Nikki about financial goals and priorities, My Wealth Solutions presented us with a well-researched and comprehensive report that detailed a number of options that we could consider. My wife and I have since decided which options and financial goals to pursue, and have been impressed with the prompt, courteous and professional service provided by Nikki and her team.

Nikki and the team at My Wealth Solutions have been extremely helpful in building a savings strategy for my wife and I, as well as tuning our superannuation and life insurance to make the most of our money and get the best coverage for us. Nikki explains everything in a clear and easy to follow way, and we didn’t feel at any point that we were being lost in the jargon or terminology. My wife and I are very happy with the service that we are being provided, we are glad that My Wealth Solutions are helping us reach our savings goals, and we would definitely recommend them for any financial planning or advice.
Tony B

Nikki Booth and the team at My Wealth Solutions have set my wife and I on the straight and narrow! We came to Nikki to discuss what we ‘could’ do and left with what we ‘will’ do with our finances. I was skeptical with how easy it all sounded and 8 months in, we are finding that the service and understanding from the team has been second to none. I would and have recommended the My Wealth Solutions team to my family and friends. The only regret would be that we started sooner with this team.

Mark R

We have had a fantastic experience with My Wealth. We have been working with Nikki and she is incredibly professional and thorough. The My Wealth platform and investment strategies is exactly what we were looking for, we have full confidence that the solutions they have put in place will set us up financially for the future.

Mitch E

My accountant recommended a meeting with MWS and it is one of the best decisions I’ve made. From the first meeting Nikki made me feel comfortable and did not pass judgement when going through my initial financial situation. She has helped me with setting up financial goals and the steps to achieve them. I would highly recommend Nikki and her team at MWS!

Steph B

Starting my career and a full time job for the first time I wanted to see if I could improve my budgeting and overall wealth management. Nikki really helped me to establish a clear vision for my wealth goals and a strict but realistic budget. I thought I was pretty good with money and handling it but I’ve definitely been able to take it to another level with her help and the team at My Wealth. Learning about Super and the pitiful level of cover I had from the insurances I had at the time really opened my eyes. Wealth management is an important part of our lives and I would recommend to anyone to book in for a meeting with Nikki.

Andrew E

Nikki and the team have proven invaluable to my financial control and wealth management, I would highly recommend the team at My Wealth Solutions to anyone in any financial situation. 11/10

Ethan M
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