Who We Help

We understand that everyone’s situation is different and we are able to help you tackle your personal financial challenges and meet your financial goals.
Those who want to create their family's dream future.

Everyday Families

Your life is incredibly  busy and you rarely have a spare moment to think about yourself, let alone your personal financial world. But you still find yourself worrying about how you’re going to provide for and protect your family in the future.

You wish you had someone who can help you set clear financial goals and provide a practical way to get from where you are now to where you want to go.

No matter what family means to you, we’re here to help make your financial world stress-free, so you can spend more time enjoying life with the people you love.

I want to take care of my family

Those that are enjoying not having to work.


You’ve taken a step back from working and are now ready to start enjoying life to the fullest. You want to make sure you’ll have enough money for your whole retirement while still being able to enjoy your new lifestyle.

Or maybe you just want someone else to worry about your money for a change, so you can focus on enjoying the present. That’s where we come in.

We take care of managing your financial future, so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the results of your hard work.

I want to make the most of retirement

People who now find the house a bit more empty.

Empty Nesters

Your kids are growing up and moving out. You’ll miss them, but you’re also starting to wonder about how exactly this change in circumstances will affect your cash flow and financial goals.

Maybe you’re thinking about downsizing or even jetting off on that dream holiday.

We’re here to help you ensure that your new lifestyle is balanced with your financial goals, needs and wants.

I want to make the most of my finances

Those who are busy with their own business.

Small Business Owners

With so much time and energy spent focused on helping your business do what it does best, it’s easy to forget about your personal financial situation.

But while you’re making sure that your business is performing at its best, who is looking out for your financial needs?

We do, by making sure that you’re taken care of independently of your business.

I want to improve my personal finances


My wife and I decided to make some changes to the way we were managing our finances and planning for our future financial security. Through the process of re-financing for the construction of our new family home,…from the very first meeting we had with Ben, we were comfortable and at the same time excited about…to our financial planning and future position.

Andrew H.

So far my experience with Ben and the team at My Wealth Solutions has been exemplary. They have offered fantastic, reliable and prompt advice and their knowledge far outweighs the cost of service. I would recommend this route to anyone seeking financial advice. Looking forward to my future even more so thanks to My Wealth Solutions.

Adrian L.

My experience with Guy Freeman has been totally professional and totally satisfactory. Guy has managed my small investments but maintained at the same time a personal interest in my health and well being… I have to say that I have complete trust in Guy and am so pleased he is looking after my investments giving me a secure future.

Jennette B.

I was recommended Guy Freeman’s help with planning my financial future, and am very satisfied and reassured by his input over the last couple of years. I’ve actually received more input than I thought possible…sound investments; making a will, life insurance, income protection insurance, and realistic plans for retirement… I feel ‘looked after’ by this company, and excited about my financial future.

Jack H.

We have been seeing Guy at MWS for a few years now, and his advice has been invaluable. We are a young family trying to make the best of what we have, and Guy really puts it all into perspective, so it isn’t overwhelming. Whenever we meet with him, I always walk away feeling so motivated that we are making good choices for the future…We’ll be long-term clients and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him to others.

Louan W.

Our experience has been very positive. Ben has set us up for our future and now we can feel satisfied knowing that we have our finances in good hands. We no longer stress about what we or our family would be financially accountable for should something happen to any of us. Thank you again.

Darron & Michelle H.

The team were very knowledgeable and took the time to ensure our needs were understood. Guy put forward some options to help us achieve our goals and set us up for a solid future.

Jagmeet V.

Guy has been most helpful from the first meeting and still continues to ensure I am kept in the loop with everything in regard to my financial position. Guy sorted my super and has ensured my insurances are relevant to my current position. Highly recommend MWS.

Scott H.
award winning and highly recommended

Let us help create your dream financial future

We’re different, because we take the time to get to know you before making any recommendations.

Then, we take it one step further by creating a financial plan tailored to your unique financial world.