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Your home loan is going to be a major commitment in your life. So we are committed to making your search and application process as simple as it can be.

And because we have a holistic view of finance, with a dedication to consistently improve our clients’ financial situation, we can help you know where to start and who to talk to. We have an in-house mortgage broker partner, as well as working with a list of preferred mortgage brokerage companies.

If you’ve ever wished you had someone who could do the hard work for you, negotiate a better deal on your behalf, and guide you through the process so you didn’t have to spend another minute worrying: look no further.

Our brokers are among the best in the business. They offer personalised service, and are committed to being only a phone call away through one of the biggest investments of your life. They are dedicated to getting you the best possible home loan from a huge number of lenders and available mortgage products.

Just as important, if you’re looking to integrate it with your overall financial situation, our financial advisors can work closely with your mortgage broker to make sure everything fits together. We leave no stone unturned to get you to your optimum financial position.

I am looking for help to

Buy a home for the first time

When you're buying your first home, you'll have a lot of questions. We guide you through everything that you need to do, including benefits to apply for, like the First Home Owners Grant or the First Home Super Saver Scheme.

Buy an investment property

Whether it's your second time or fifth time buying a property, we are experienced in handling property investment loans and the additional complications that can come from managing multiple loans or debt-recycling strategies.

Refinance an existing mortgage

It's important to re-evaluate your loan periodically to ensure you're still getting the best deal. Our brokers will examine your home loan and give you clear guidance on if refinancing is right for you, based on your loan options and credit history.

How We Make The Process Simple & Clear

We'll look out for you from start to finish.
Step 1

Request a Call Back

One of our friendly brokers will be in touch to get to know you and give you more information about what you can expect from the process, based on your situation. This could include doing a few quick calculations about your borrowing capacity, and estimated monthly repayments.

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Step 2

Your Planning Session

We’ll get together, either in person or virtually to discuss your home loan requirements, your timeline, and nail down the details of your financial situation, including your credit report, deposit amount and whether you’ll be affected by Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). Our team will work with you to gather the necessary paperwork to start the process of researching the best loan for you.
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Step 3

Your Home Loan Shortlist

We narrow down your finance options and shortlist a variety of lenders and loan products for you. We’ll discuss each option and make a recommendation based on what we believe would be best for you in the short and long term. This is a good time to refer to your financial advisor to check how your loan options intersect with your broader finances. We’ll also discuss if you’d like a pre-approval letter or if you’re ready to hit go on the loan application.

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Step 4

We Submit Your Application

Once we have agreed on a loan product and lender, we will submit your application. We’ll actively negotiate on your behalf for the best possible rates and mortgage terms, and push back if your loan approval is not progressing as quickly as needed. We are usually able to get a highly competitive rate that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

We work hard to overcome any obstacles, and because we’ve chosen the lender carefully based on your financial situation, this means that you’ll usually receive what we’ve asked for. We have your back during this process, as if it were our own dream home.

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Step 5

Time to Celebrate!

Your approval comes through. We’ll ensure everything is ready, and double check each element of the loan. We’ll clearly explain how the process works, the loan terms, and what you’ll need to do next.

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Step 6

Setting Up For Settlement

We work closely with your solicitor, conveyancer, and with the lender to ensure that all documentation is complete and that the timing will work for your purchase.

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Step 7

Time to Move In

Settlement goes ahead smoothly and you’re in possession of a new property! Keep in mind, your mortgage broker is still on your team as long as you have your home loan, so we’re happy to help you with any questions or advice, for example refinancing, investment properties or loan structure and loan repayments.

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Our In-House Mortgage Partner


Borro™ is an experienced team of mortgage brokers based in Brisbane. They compare a wide range of home loans across an extensive panel of 30+ lenders to find the right financial solution to fit your needs.

Meet Borro founder Cara Giovinazzo

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What We Do

    We are your liaison with the lender (the bank, credit union, or other financial institution) to simplify your loan and home-buying process. We are experienced with navigating the world of property loans, and support your best interests in finding and securing the best possible loan.

    When it comes to choosing a suitable home loan and negotiating with lenders, think of us as both your coach and your team-mates. You know what you want to achieve and we do the heavy lifting to make it happen.

    Our in-house mortgage brokers, and all of our preferred partners, are very experienced in a wide range of loans, and have built effective working relationships with our lenders. This means you’ll have a team that is armed with the right tools. You should avoid working with inexperienced brokers, as they are more likely to get it wrong, and put your application at risk.

  • How We Get Paid

    Usually, a licensed mortgage broker receives an upfront commission from the lender when you take out a loan. They also receive a recurring commission each year you are still repaying the loan.

    Since mortgage brokers only get paid when you successfully sign up for a loan, it’s in their best interest to make sure that you choose a competitive option that is tailored to your particular financial circumstances.

    A property loan is a long-term commitment, so a good mortgage broker will help you choose a loan with your long-term goals in mind. We only recommend options that are in your long-term best interests.

  • We Are Independent

    Our mortgage specialists are not employed by any banks or lenders, so our recommendations are not influenced by any conflicts of interest. Indeed, even though we are paid on commission, we only receive our commission if we successfully place you with a loan that works for you.

    Mortgage brokers are also held to a best interest duty. This duty on mortgage brokers is a legal requirement that states that everything we recommend must prioritise your financial interests and have positive outcomes for you. Banks and lending institutions operating in the mortgage industry are not held to this.

  • What Fees & Costs Are Associated With Taking Out A Mortgage?

    Our mortgage brokers won’t directly charge you a fee. However, there are always some fees charged by the lender, as well as additional services you’ll have to pay for. You’ll be able to read a more detailed breakdown of potential fees on the Finder website.

    Some of the most common fees you’ll encounter are application fees charged by the lender, valuation fees to check the value of the property you’ve chosen, stamp duty charged by the government, and legal fees including conveyancing and preparation of legal documents.

    Many lenders also have loan products that charge ongoing fees such as monthly service fees or redraw fees, and if you’re paying out your loan, you’ll be required to pay a discharge fee. It’s possible to avoid some of these fees, based on the product terms or whether the lender will waive the fee.

  • What Questions Should I Ask A Mortgage Broker?

    It’s important to go into what is most likely one of the largest purchases of your life with clarity and confidence. One of the things that can help with that is approaching your mortgage consultant with the right questions. This will both give you the confidence that you’re doing your due diligence, and also ensure that you are properly informed throughout the process.

    Here are some questions that we recommend discussing with a mortgage expert. The brokers on our team will endeavour to share this information during your meetings.

    • How many lenders are on your panel? Are there any lenders that you don’t have access to?
    • How long have you been a mortgage broker for?
    • Are you experienced in the area that I’m looking to buy in?
    • Do you work with me for the entire process, from running an assessment of credit history and borrowing capacity, right through to the settlement?
    • Do you charge any brokerage fees for your time?
    • What is your process of identifying the right loan for me?
    • What are the features that made you decide to recommend this loan to me?
    • What fees will I have to pay when taking out this loan?
    • What features come with this loan? Can you show me how they work?
    • How can I set up my bank accounts and finances and share that information to make my application easier and more successful?
    • Can you show me a couple more options, including one with the lowest cost?
    • What is the current interest rate on this loan and do you think it’s possible to get a better rate?
    • Does this loan allow me to make extra repayments, pay out the loan early, or refinance without incurring big fees?
    • What is my anticipated timeline to receiving the funds and settling?
    • Can you provide a checklist of the information and process I need to complete?

Are You Ready to Buy Your First Home?

What an exciting time for you and your family. Of course, it also comes with a lot of stress and uncertainty. Rather than going into this process feeling unprepared, spend a bit of time ready up on the things you need to know.

First, think about where and why you want to buy.

Some people are happy renting their family home and are looking to make their first purchase as an investment property. Others are looking for a one and done dream home. Others will see this first purchase as just a stepping stone to the next home. Thinking about why you want to buy is very important because it affects the where – location. It also affects whether you will qualify for the First Home Owners Grant, which requires you to live in your first house for at least 6 months.|

Next, you need to know how much you can afford to borrow.

Your borrowing capacity will, more than anything else, determine if you can get the house you’re hoping for. How much have you saved for a deposit? Do you need to keep saving and accumulate a larger deposit? Usually you will need at least a 20% deposit to avoid paying lender’s mortgage insurance. However, in the right circumstances, you could get away with a deposit as low as 5%-10%. Your credit score and savings history, as well as your household expenses, will play a part in your borrowing capacity.

You’ll also need to factor in the fees and charges associated with buying a home, and interest rate buffers. As interest rates have risen significantly over the last year, this has reduced borrowing capacity across the country by around 20%. A 1 point rise in interest rates has a corresponding 10% impact on your borrowing capacity. To address this, APRA requires a serviceability buffer of 3% to your borrowing capacity – meaning that you will have to be able to afford a potential future interest rate rise of 3% on the loan that you receive.

Now you need to find a home loan that is right for you.

It’s advisable to speak to a mortgage broker from 6 months to 2 months out from when you hope to buy – this way they can help you set up your financial records and give you a clear idea of your loan options prior to you finding the right house. You want to be ready with a pre-approval, or at least a shortlist of recommended mortgage products and expected budget, before you choose the house you want to make an offer on.

Now, it doesn’t always have to happen in this order, but getting your finances sorted prior will enable you to only look for houses within your budget, make a confident offer, and potentially beat other buyers who are not as prepared. You’ll also need a pre-approval to bid in many auctions.This is just the start.

If you want to know more, read our guide on buying your first home, or contact us today to have one of our brokers guide you through the entire process.

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