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Decide whether an investment property is the right option for you with our investment advice.

Real estate can be a great investment and our team can help you understand it and use it in your financial strategy.

For most people, investing in houses and/or units is easier to understand than other types of investments such as bonds, shares, ETFs or index funds.

Despite the perceived simplicity of it, there are still risks that you need to consider before investing.

When it comes to investing in real estate, not only do you need an understanding of the financial strategies involved, but you also need knowledge of the property market that you wish to buy into and a clear understanding of your current financial situation. You need to consider things such as:

  • Loan repayments
  • Lenders mortgage insurance
  • Debt structures
  • Tax savings
  • Borrowing capacity

While we can’t recommend you buy or sell a specific property, our Sydney financial advisors and Brisbane financial advisors are with you each step of the way on your investment property journey. We work with a network of local specialists to ensure you have all the support and professional advice you need, including mortgage brokers and buyers agents. 

Your Property Investment Advisors

We are here to help you make investment decisions you can be confident in.

When it comes to investing in property, we evaluate whether your proposed house or apartment will fit with your personal goals and timeline. We’ll ensure you have the correct loan structures to ensure you are maximising “good” debt and minimising “bad” debt. We’ll also assist you with debt recycling, home equity loans, and positive gearing.

Let us help you get clarity and direction when it comes to your investment property decisions!

The Long-Term Nature of Property Investment

Investing in Real Estate is a long-term strategy. Residential property will go through extended periods of slow or no growth, then short periods of rapid growth. In these cycles, the value of the real estate will generally double. However, these cycles are unpredictable and can last anywhere between 7 to 20 years.

When investing in residential property it is important to maintain a long-term focus.

It is because of the unpredictability of these cycles that it’s important to stay focused on the long term. By holding for the long term can mean, you’ll experience 3 or 4 of these cycles which can mean spectacular growth for your investment.

Learn More About What's Involved In Investing In Property

  • The Brisbane Property Market

    Brisbane property is booming, with the median house price in Brisbane rising well beyond the average weekly earnings in Queensland over the past two decades.

    The market has seen a significant rise in housing prices through the early-to-mid 2000s.

    There is, however, a lot to consider before coming to a decision about your future investment.

    Brisbane is a big city, and rapidly expanding, so you need to carefully consider where in the city you might want to purchase property. Generally speaking, the best investment opportunities lie between 7 and 15 kilometres outside of the CBD.

    Real estate is a long-term investment, and whether you’re looking to invest in an apartment in Spring Hill, a house in Ashgrove or a property out in Brookfield, you need to consider the long-term implications of this.

    With this in mind our financial advisors – who are well-versed in the Brisbane property market – can provide you with advice more specific and tailored to your particular situation and preferences.

  • Investing In A House Or An Apartment

    If you’re sure that property is the right investment for you, or even if you’re still just surveying your options, you’ll have to make the decision of whether a house or an apartment is the better option for you.

    According to data from CoreLogic, Brisbane houses have an average annual growth of 5.66% while units over the same time period have seen a growth of 4.03%. The same data displayed an average gross rental yield across the properties of 4.75% to 3.35% in favour of units.

    There is no blanket response to whether a house or an apartment will be better for you as any property investment will be circumstantial to your own personal situation.

  • Risks Of Property Investment

    Though often perceived otherwise, the housing market is not without its fair share of risks. There are risks associated with the market, interest rates, liquidity and inflation, as well as more specific risks that may be associated with your particular investment.

    There are many factors and incentives that make purchasing a home or apartment a great investment strategy, such as tax benefits that help your cash flow and the first home buyers grant.

    These incentives, however, come with their fair share of fine print.

  • Cashflow & Property Investment

    In some cases what can seem great from a cash flow perspective may actually turn out to be a bad investment for a variety of other reasons.

    We firmly believe that property should be viewed as a capital growth asset and that your decision to buy a particular property should be made based on it ticking all of the boxes for capital growth (supply and demand) rather than looking at an increased cash flow of a few extra dollars.

    It’s important that you consider all of the factors that come with property investment and you should take the time to talk to our investment property specialists for help and guidance as to what’s right for you.

Making The Right Property Investment Decision

The best option for you will be unique to your circumstances and your goals.

We take the time to get to know you and understand your situation, then with our thorough understanding of investing and the local property market, we can offer you the right advice for your situation.


We have had a fantastic experience with My Wealth. We have been working with Nikki and she is incredibly professional and thorough. The My Wealth platform and investment strategies is exactly what we were looking for, we have full confidence that the solutions they have put in place will set us up financially for the future.

Mitch E
Ben and the team at My Wealth are a very professional, yet friendly service. I feel confident that my money is being handled with my best interests at heart. I would recommend My Wealth to anyone, no matter your financial position!
Michael J

My Wealth Solutions are the first financial advisers I have found that consider your entire financial position. They are not focused on one product or investment type, rather they are focused on finding the right financial solution for your current situation. I am looking forward to working with Ben and his team over the coming years.

James C.

I contacted Ben Budge to provide a holistic review of our financial position, including investments, superannuation and retirement planning. Ben provided a summary of our financial goals, along with how our strategies aligned with those objectives…which was great for motivating us to make some changes…I would consider Ben to be very professional and friendly, and I’d recommend him to anyone seeking to secure their financial and retirement planning.

Ian J.

My experience with Guy Freeman has been totally professional and totally satisfactory. Guy has managed my small investments but maintained at the same time a personal interest in my health and well being… I have to say that I have complete trust in Guy and am so pleased he is looking after my investments giving me a secure future.

Jennette B.

Guy…was also the most helpful and friendly of all the advisors. The quick responses and helpful, friendly advise has been a mainstay of our dealings with Guy and MWS. We have been very satisfied with the financial advice given. They helped us to consider matters like income protection, super funds and life insurance that we had very little knowledge about. Guy has also been able to give us a focus for our savings and investments going forward into the future.

Brendan N.

…They have provided my partner and I peace of mind that our future is more secure especially with a baby on the way. Our super is working for us rather than the big companies…and they have put a smart financial strategy in place that meets our life goals. I have recommended MWS to many of my friends and will to anyone new as I am confident that they conduct themselves in the best interest of their clients.

Katrina M.

We’ve had a plan drawn up and explained by Ben Budge. So pleasantly surprised to deal with people who have your best interest at heart, and we now have a clear plan to work towards. Concerns are addressed promptly and without fuss.

Debra C.
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