Share Investment Advice

Investing in shares may not be as unachievable as you think.

When it comes to choosing the right investment option for you, many people tend to avoid shares because of their seemingly complicated nature.

After all, investment opportunities like property provide a tangible benefit, while shares require more financial know-how to get results from, right?

We’re here to show you how shares can become a key part of your financial future.

At My Wealth Solutions, we focus on making the complicated world of finance easy to understand for everyone.

Investing in shares is just one part of creating a bright financial future tailored to your needs, wants and goals.

Shares allow you to invest your money across multiple industries and businesses at once and a small portion of them can be sold if you find yourself in a tight spot financially.

They work differently than investing in property – after all, you can’t just sell off a bathroom if you need to in an emergency – but together both types of investments can pave the way to a bright financial future.

But where do you even start?

That’s where My Wealth Solutions comes in.

We can help you figure out the best path into the share market or how to create a portfolio that works the best for you and your financial goals.

Our team of expert financial advisors will be with you every step of the way and are always on hand to provide expert guidance whenever you have a question.

That means you can rest assured knowing that your potential investment portfolio is in good hands.

Ready to create an investment portfolio that will help you achieve your dream retirement?

To help you get started, we offer an obligation-free meeting with one of our expert investment advisors.

During this consultation, we’ll sit down and get to know your personal financial circumstances and where you want to be in the future.

Then, we’ll create an investment plan that ticks all the right boxes and helps you get where you want to go in your financial future.

Sound good?

Why should I invest in shares?

Shares act as a cornerstone in a greater plan to help you meet all of your financial goals, wants and needs.

Investing in shares allows you to create an investment portfolio that is:

Shares are the ultimate form of flexible investment. With the right research and guidance behind you, you get ultimate control over which businesses you choose to invest your hard-earned money with.

Shares are also more liquid than investments like property and a portion of them can be sold in the case of a financial emergency.

Shares allow you to invest your money across multiple industries at once, with those industries typically falling underneath the financial, resources or consumer sector. Shares are also global, meaning you have access to even more investment opportunities.

By keeping your eggs in many baskets you’re more likely to stay afloat when coming across any fluctuations in the market or economic downturns.

Easy to get into.
Unlike investment properties, which require a substantial upfront cost, you can start investing in shares as soon as you’ve saved up a little bit of money.

In fact, due to dollar cost averaging, it’s encouraged for you to invest small amounts of money regularly to make the most of when shares prices are down and avoid excessive spending when they are high.

Provide a regular income.
Larger companies on the ASX often pay out dividends to their shareholders, which allow you to claim a regular income based on your shareholdings.

While shares, like any investment option, have their risks, with expert advice and guidance they can become an essential part of your financial future.

At My Wealth Solutions, part of our investment philosophy is focused on investing regular amounts of money to ensure your portfolio weathers market fluctuations and provides steady growth.

That’s why we can provide the right advice to help you get started.

The Shares vs. Property Debate

When it comes to investment advice, shares and property are always the two main contenders when it comes to exploring your investment options.

On the one hand, an investment property is a physical asset that you can see and use while waiting for your desired return.

On the other, it requires a substantial amount of money invested into one type of investment, you can’t sell it off easily and it requires maintenance as the years go on.

A share portfolio requires little input from you after the initial research phase.

All you really have to do is provide an upfront investment dependent on your budget and wait for the shares to reach the return you want.

While both forms of investment have their pros and cons, the right investment option for you will come down to your unique financial circumstances and desired future.

By combining both property and shares into a diverse investment portfolio, you can create a solid foundation for a rosy financial future that is tailored to your needs, wants and goals.

All you need is a little help from My Wealth Solutions’ expert investment advisors.

What kind of shares are best?

Just like there are many different types of shares, there are also a lot of ways that you can invest in shares.

While there’s no “right” way – as each type of share you choose to invest in will depend on your personal circumstances and financial goals – these are the most common ways to invest:

Index Fund
An index fund is a type of managed fund that focuses on purchasing shares to mirror a particular share market index. The benefits of this style of share investment include a diversified portfolio, lower management fees than an active managed fund and they tend to be more tax efficient as they trade less often.

Actively Managed Fund
An actively managed fund is when your money is pooled together with that of other investors and a professional fund manager buys shares and other assets on your behalf.

Actively managed funds will generally try to outperform the market, but run the risk of missing their goals and making a loss for both the fund and investors by doing so. Actively-managed funds also often charge large fees, due to the frequency of trading.

Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
An Exchange Traded Fund (also known as an ETF) is a type of index fund that invests in a basket of shares that make up an index. An ETF is a great way to diversify your portfolio when you don’t have a large amount of money to invest.

They typically feature lower ongoing costs than a managed fund but aren’t as suitable for those wanting to invest a small amount regularly, as a stock broking fee is charged on each contribution.

Completely overwhelmed?

Don’t worry, we can help.

Investing in shares doesn’t have to be an impossible task. At My Wealth Solutions, we’re here to make it simple and set you up for a financial future that smashes all of your goals.

We work with you to create an investment portfolio that is tailored to your unique financial goals, needs and wants.

Let My Wealth Solutions help guide you on your journey into investing in shares.