Superannuation Advice Brisbane

Maximise your super fund and secure a strong financial future.

Although superannuation is one of the biggest investments a person may have in their lifetime, it is often invisible. Many Australians aren’t aware of where their super is, let alone how they can get a greater return to improve their future financial position.

They also don’t know that their super balance can be used for things like income protection, life insurance and our financial advice fees.

Have you ever noticed that once you start tracking something, it improves? Imagine the difference it could make to one of the biggest investments of your lifetime.

As financial and wealth management experts, My Wealth Solutions can provide you with superannuation advice and services that will help you maximise this critical investment.

To put it into perspective – there is more than $13 billion of unclaimed and lost super in Australia.

NOTE: If you’re after detailed information on the Super Changes that come into effect on the July 1st, 2017 – see our Super Changes Guide.

Benefits of Our Superannuation Process

Our expert team of financial advisors can:

  • Empower you with a better understanding of your super fund
  • Find any lost super you may have
  • Help you set up a self-managed super fund
  • Help you with superannuation consolidation
  • Protect your financial future
  • Review your existing super funds
  • Improve performance
  • Help you make investments from your super fund

It’s easy to see your super fund as just a compulsory payment made by your employer – but it actually plays a crucial role in your future wellbeing.

If you are looking for superannuation services in Brisbane, our financial advisors can help you track and stay on top of your funds to ensure you don’t lose out on any money or benefits.

Contact us to grow and protect your superannuation fund today or give the My Wealth Solutions team a call on 07 3852 4114.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use my super to pay for your services?

    Yes, depending on your situation, some of our fees can be charged from your super. We can work this out in your initial cost-free, obligation free meeting.

  • How does superannuation work?

    Superannuation is a lifetime investment and can dramatically change the outcome of your retiement. Your super account helps you save money so you can build a comfortable retirement. Money can be put in your super account from several sources, including yourself, your employer, spouse or the Federal Government. There are a number of things you can do to maximise and use your super, such as investing from your super, receiving bonus government contributions and getting cheaper insurance.

  • How much super do I need?

    People may assume that the super contributions from employers is enough, but in some cases it isn’t. The amount of super needed really depends on the individual and the type of lifestyle they seek. According to the ASFA Retirement Standard, to retire modestly as a couple you will need a lump sum of $431,000 and to retire comfortably you will need $744,000. Single people, on the other hand, need a lump sum of approximately $300,000 for a modest retirement and $544,000 for a comfortable retirement. A financial advisor will help you determine how much you need for your particular circumstances and formulate a practical plan for reaching your target.

  • When can I claim my superannuation?

    To claim your superannuation you are required by law to wait until you have reached a certain age (usually between 55 and 60 depending on your circumstances).