Ben Budge

Director & Senior Financial Advisor
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Ben Budge

Ben is a founding partner of My Wealth Solutions and is passionate about helping his clients achieve their financial goals. Always going above and beyond, he uses his knowledge of real world business, combined with his financial expertise, to enable his clients to reach their financial milestones and enjoy a secure financial future.

  • Experience

    Before founding My Wealth Solutions, Ben’s experience included working as Managing Director of a successful business and as channel partner of a national electricity broking business. Ben is a Self Managed Super Fund Specialist and is also qualified to give advice on retirement planning, risk management, property, shares, managed investments and specialised lending.

  • Role

    Whether they’re buying their first home, starting a family or creating a comfortable retirement, Ben loves being a part of improving people’s financial lives and is focused on working hard to get the best outcome for them. As a people person, he also enjoys meeting new people and maintaining close and regular contact with his clients.

    Something people often notice and appreciate about Ben is his ability to present financial planning in a way that is clear and easy to understand. He also has a keen eye for the finer details, excellent listening skills and a friendly demeanour.

  • Outside of Work

    Outside of work, Ben spends most of his time with his young family (wife Kelly and kids Ella and Billy). He is a sports tragic and enjoys all kinds of sports. Hailing from North Queensland, he is a Cowboys membership holder. He also stays active by playing in Brisbane’s weekly basketball and touch rugby league competitions.

  • What’s your favourite thing about being part of the MWS team?

    The great people – both our clients and our team are driven, goal-oriented and focused on growth!

  • What do you wish people knew about financial planning?

    That it is very simple to create financial freedom. You just need to have crystal clear goals, be committed and accountable to these goals, and create clear, actionable steps to achieving them.

  • What's your favourite book, movie and food?

    Book: The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay
    Movie: Braveheart
    Food: Wagyu steak (marble score 7+), perfectly cooked

  • If you could give one piece of advice to the Ben from 10 years ago, what would it be?

    There is no one linear path to success and happiness, you just have to always keep improving and growing.

  • What's your weirdest office habit?

    I talk extremely loudly when on the phone, which doesn’t pan out too well in an open plan office.

  • What's the one thing about you that people would be surprised to learn?

    I grew up on the big island of Hawaii from when I was 4 to when I was 10.

  • If you could have dinner with anyone past or present, who would it be and why?

    My Father, to see if I had done him proud, or Michael Jordan, because he is just a winner!

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“There is no greater satisfaction than when a client can see their path to financial freedom. By helping clients understand more about their finances and how to manage and organise them, they are more confident and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their future is more secure.” – Ben Budge


I believe whole heartedly everyone needs to take their wealth and future in their own hands and not just rely on their industry super fund. Financial industry professionals like Ben are key in helping us all achieve the goals we need looking beyond retirement. We were grossly under insured and had a poor idea about what insurance could really do for us as a family. He was so friendly and very approachable…Big tick from us!

Kristy R

We have found the team at My Wealth Solutions to be professional and extremely knowledgeable within their field. Ben has taught us so much about how to better our financial situation. Dallas and I highly recommend Ben and the team to anybody wanting to take their finances to the next level.

Renee W

Excellent service, very professional and great attention to detail. Highly recommend Ben and the team at My Wealth Solutions to take care of any of your financial needs.

Ilija S
Having come from a planner where we were very disappointed, it has been a refreshing change dealing with Ben & the team at MWS. They are responsive, helpful, go above and beyond to answer questions and most importantly we have found it easy to understand the finance speak and to actually understand what our money is doing. Thanks for a great experience so far!

I contacted My Wealth Solutions with the intention of setting up a financial plan for my family’s future. To date, Ben and the team have been very helpful in helping me work through the steps required. The group are both responsive and professional.

Michael W
Ben and the team at My Wealth are a very professional, yet friendly service. I feel confident that my money is being handled with my best interests at heart. I would recommend My Wealth to anyone, no matter your financial position!
Michael J

Excellent service! My girlfriend and I were looking for ways to maximise returns to make to most out of our money. We needed someone with more knowledge in the financial sector than ourselves who we could bounce ideas off and come up with strategies that we hadn’t thought of. Ben and the team at My Wealth Solutions have done exactly that. They have been available for us to ask questions and have been patient with their explanations making sure we understand.

Russell D

Ben and his team at MWS are very easy to communicate with and they take the time to explain the nuances involved in financial advice as well as being transparent with costs associated, which is refreshing and trustworthy.

Andrew P.
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