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Our Brisbane financial advisors give you a guided roadmap to financial success so you can turn your goals into reality.

Have you ever struggled to go to sleep at night, your mind going in circles on how to pay off your debt faster? Maybe you talk about investing in property or shares but don’t know where to start. Or you and your partner wrestle with what school to send your kids to because the fees are just so expensive.

Do you know how to achieve your life goals, your dream lifestyle, or a comfortable retirement? This is where we come in – we can help you achieve those goals and bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Our Brisbane financial advisor team makes your financial advice and planning personal, uncomplicated, & effective.

Do I need a financial advisor?

Everyone can benefit from strategic financial advice and financial planning. However, your financial situation can impact whether financial planning is right for you at this particular time. The below checklist can help you determine if you’re ready to take that step.
Do you Need an Overview Of Your Current Financial Position?

As part of our financial planning process, we develop a comprehensive analysis of your current financial situation.

Do you Require Guidance On Your Superannuation Or Assets?

Superannuation, including SMSF management, is something we are passionate about getting right for our clients, to ensure the best possible retirement outcomes for you.

Do you want expert help with wealth management?

We help high-net-worth individuals and high-income clients buy back their time by creating holistic plans to create and protect their wealth.

Do you Want To Learn More About Your Investment Opportunities?

We use a tried and true methodology to manage and diversify your investments, factoring in your unique goals and risk tolerance.

Have You Dreamed of Owning Property?

We will work with you to formulate a plan to buy your first home or investment property.

Do you want to achieve a financial freedom goal?

Whether your goal is a comfortable retirement, travel, or something else, we create a financial strategy to get you there.

Our Brisbane financial advisors are dedicated to working as your financial partner, providing financial support and guidance as long as you need it.

It’s time to put our advanced future planning skills to work towards your goals, so you can relax in the knowledge that your finances are working for you.

How Our Financial Planners Can Help You

As your expert financial partners, we provide the tools and knowledge to give you smart solutions to your financial decisions – both now and into the future. Without having to do a university degree in finance, you will get the benefit of our advisors’ years of experience and financial expertise at your fingertips!

Your financial advisor will help you:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your complete financial situation
  • Define crystal-clear goals for where you’d like to be in the future
  • Create and grow your wealth in a way that suits your current financial position and risk profile
  • Develop a practical way to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be
  • Grow and protect your wealth with holistic wealth management 
  • Develop an investment strategy tailored to your unique financial needs and goals
  • Protect your family and finances with a comprehensive insurance strategy tailored to your needs
  • Sort your super and design a retirement plan that’ll ensure you’re on track to achieve your dream retirement
  • Work with you to map a path towards your lifestyle goals and financial security

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Building your financial security and meeting your goals doesn’t happen overnight. It takes expert advice and careful financial planning – and not the kind of advice you might hear at a family barbeque!

Our financial planning services and advice are backed by years of experience and deep industry knowledge, helping you understand how to get the most out of your current financial position and create a secure financial future.

And you won’t have to worry about confusing industry jargon. We believe in making our financial planning advice accessible, practical, and comprehensive. 

Providing strategic financial advice with a proactive and straightforward approach is what keeps us coming to work every day – we offer truly impartial advice to help our clients achieve their financial freedom goals.

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So, how does it work?

Our financial planning process is simple:

Step One

During your initial consultation – called your Discovery meeting – we sit down with you to take a look at your current financial situation and your future goals. Everybody is different, so we take the time to look at your unique big picture when designing a financial plan that will achieve your goals.

Step Two

Then, we go away and develop an effective plan tailored to your financial circumstances and goals. Financial planning is about more than just numbers, income, super, mortgages, and assets. It’s about having a clear picture of the life you’d like to lead, the financial security and peace of mind you want to experience, and crafting the right financial strategy to make that happen. We also provide a clear and transparent outline of our fees based on the services recommended

Step Three

You get the chance to review your plan in detail. If you’re happy with it, we get you set up and begin the implementation of your strategies. You’ll have your own Financial Planner, Implementation Officer and Review Officer to provide personal attention in the form of ongoing support and updates as needed. Regularly, we review your plan to ensure that we adjust to any changes in your circumstances, goals or plans. We’re focused on providing accessible ongoing support, so you’ll never have to lie awake at night worrying about your finances again.

 A solid strategy paired with ongoing access to the comprehensive financial expertise of our Brisbane financial planners means you receive a roadmap that makes the path to financial success much clearer.

Find Out More About Our Financial Planning Process

Is it worth having a financial advisor?

It is worth having a financial advisor if they can add value to your financial situation. This is often dependent on where you are at, both financially and in your stage of life. Key times that financial planning can make a huge difference for you include: 

  • When you’re preparing to buy a house or investment property
  • When you’ve gotten married and want to plan for a future together
  • When you’re planning for children and expenses around their future
  • When you’ve received an inheritance or payout (or you won the lottery)
  • When you’re planning for retirement
  • When you want to sell your house or downsize
  • When you’re getting a divorce or separation
  • When you want to grow your wealth through investing or debt management
  • When you want help to take control of your savings and debt to start making progress

If you’re experienced in managing your finances, you might feel prepared for DIYing it. However, one of the most valuable things that financial planning can do for you is free your time; rather than spending hours researching, building your portfolio, or worrying about whether that investment property is the right decision, your financial planner can evaluate each situation in light of your entire financial situation and give you expert guidance. 

However, you need to be confident your financial planner is working for your best interests. At My Wealth Solutions, we are both morally obligated and strictly regulated to only provide advice that is in your best interests both now and into the future. We offer impartial advice and hold ourselves to a high quality of service that leaves no stone unturned. Our fees are based on a fee-for-service model, so you only pay for the services you are actively receiving. We are proud of our proven track record of market-leading services and hundreds of satisfied clients, and we are among the best financial advisors in Brisbane. 

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Learn More About Financial Advice & Planning

  • What are your financial planning fees?

    Everyone deserves to have access to financial advice and planning, regardless of the number besides your income. We offer a ‘fee-for-service’ structure, so you only pay for the services that are in place and that are actively adding value to your situation.

    Your first consultation is on us.  During your first session, your Brisbane financial adviser will get to know you and your financial situation and understand your short, medium, and long-term financial goals. From here, we can design a financial plan tailored to your financial and life goals, as well as lay out the fees that will allow us to deliver your plan clearly and transparently.

    Our financial advisers are here to help every step of the way.

    Find out more about our fee structure

  • Why Choose My Wealth Solutions

    Many financial advisors offer a number of services. 

    However, we invite you to experience the difference we work hard to deliver. 

    We offer a full suite of services and the expertise to bring them all together into a holistic plan for our clients. We don’t simply consider two or three elements of your financial life, instead, we take into account every element, as well as your personal and family goals. We understand how much the areas of life that aren’t directly money-related are still interwoven into your lifestyle goals and ambitions. 

    Our advisors come from different backgrounds and are experts in planning for everyday families, young professionals and high-net-worth individuals. Our advisors have a broad range of specialties, so we have the skills and experience for your unique financial situation. 

    We’re an advisory that believes in integrity and transparency, and we work to a comprehensive and regulated ethical standard, so you can feel confident your finances are in safe hands.

    Talk to one of our advisors today. 

  • How is My Wealth Solutions' investment strategy different?

    Our investment advisors provide comprehensive and strategic investing advice.

    Our investment strategies are delivered according to our C.A.R.E. process, which includes:

    • Core Investments (40%-100% portfolio depending on risk profile)
    • Active Investment (0%-20% portfolio depending on risk profile)
    • Reserves (Retirees 4 years worth of spending/Working Income Protection and Emergency Fund)
    • Enhanced Returns (0% – 35% depending on risk profile)

    Your financial planner will give you all the details about our C.A.R.E. Investment process.  We believe investing should follow this process, although the details will be informed by your personal circumstances, goals and tolerance of risk.

    Over the long-term, shares will generally perform better than any other passive investment.

    The trade-off is that shares will fluctuate in value. This is perfectly normal, and if you own shares, they will go down in value from time to time. However, when held for the long term and appropriately diversified, shares will deliver outstanding returns.

    Timing of the share market is largely a futile exercise.  No one can predict the short-term movements of the share market, although many do try. Our advice is never speculative, instead, we work for long-term investments that will deliver good returns to investors. This makes the timing of the markets unnecessary.

Not sure where you are on your financial journey?

We’ve created a resource to help you gain a better idea of where you currently are, so we can help you work towards where you’d like to be today!


I was referred to My Wealth Solutions during an informal conversation with an acquaintance about consolidating superannuation accounts and financial advice in general. After some research, my wife and I decided to contact My Wealth Solutions and signed up. Following a number of friendly, focussed and professional conversations with Nikki about financial goals and priorities, My Wealth Solutions presented us with a well-researched and comprehensive report that detailed a number of options that we could consider. My wife and I have since decided which options and financial goals to pursue, and have been impressed with the prompt, courteous and professional service provided by Nikki and her team.


Fabulous team. Incredible personalised service. I have been with MWS for a number of years now and recommend to everyone! 5 stars.

Jessica J
Nikki and the team at My Wealth Solutions have been extremely helpful in building a savings strategy for my wife and I, as well as tuning our superannuation and life insurance to make the most of our money and get the best coverage for us. Nikki explains everything in a clear and easy to follow way, and we didn’t feel at any point that we were being lost in the jargon or terminology. My wife and I are very happy with the service that we are being provided, we are glad that My Wealth Solutions are helping us reach our savings goals, and we would definitely recommend them for any financial planning or advice.
Tony B

I believe whole heartedly everyone needs to take their wealth and future in their own hands and not just rely on their industry super fund. Financial industry professionals like Ben are key in helping us all achieve the goals we need looking beyond retirement. We were grossly under insured and had a poor idea about what insurance could really do for us as a family. He was so friendly and very approachable…Big tick from us!

Kristy R

We have found the team at My Wealth Solutions to be professional and extremely knowledgeable within their field. Ben has taught us so much about how to better our financial situation. Dallas and I highly recommend Ben and the team to anybody wanting to take their finances to the next level.

Renee W

Excellent service, very professional and great attention to detail. Highly recommend Ben and the team at My Wealth Solutions to take care of any of your financial needs.

Ilija S

Ben and the team have been such an asset to our wealth building journey. They’re always readily available for help and advice, specific to our particular scenario. It has been a pleasure working with this team and look forward to many more interactions in the future.

Erika D

We had an outstanding experience in dealing with My Wealth. They have set us up for the future and educated us all things finance. Couldn’t recommend more.

Danny K
award winning and highly recommended
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