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Managing your finances for success or to build wealth is a big task, with a lot of complexity and moving parts. If you do it right, however, the benefits are well worth it – you can create financial security, a legacy for your children, and a stress-free retirement.

We partner with you to do the difficult work to solve current and future financial problems, identify your opportunities, and create a solid financial plan to help you manage your finances.

With our experienced financial advisory team behind you, you can tackle your finances and plan for your future with increased understanding and confidence.  You might be looking to create long-term wealth, build your investment portfolio, save money for a big investment or structure your finances to make the most of your money.

Seeking help from our financial planners will provide you with a personalised roadmap to achieve your goals.  And don’t just take our word for it – read our over 100 5-star reviews from satisfied clients!

How do Perth financial advisory services work?

Our financial advisors specialise in holistic full-service financial planning, centred around a long-term strategy to secure your financial security and reach your goals.  Every element of your financial plan is personalised and customised to you; we focus on getting to know you and your situation and then develop a practical and achievable plan to create the lifestyle you want.

Financial planning is extremely valuable for everyone, no matter where you currently stand with your finances or the level of wealth you currently have. Just as you outsource your car servicing to a professional mechanic, it is invaluable to get professional help creating and executing your long-term financial strategy.

Our award-winning Perth financial advisory team can assist with short-term and long-term wealth accumulation, investing, property, tax, budgeting and retirement planning. Get in touch today to find out more.

How we can assist you with financial advice

Here at My Wealth Solutions, we specialise in wealth management and creating long-term financial security for our clients. Our expert services can help you through a range of financial challenges and provide effective financial solutions so that you can feel confident about the financial life you are creating. Some of the ways that working with us at My Wealth Solutions can benefit you include:

  • Creating Your Financial Future

    Our Perth financial advisory services are designed to provide you with financial security and increase your confidence when it comes to managing your finances. Financial security will help to provide you with greater peace of mind when it comes to your finances and increase your financial freedom. To help provide long-term financial security, our Perth financial advisors can guide you on how to spend your money.

  • Establishing Your Financial Management Plan

    Creating a financial management plan with one of our advisors enables you to get a better understanding of your finances and how to maximise them. Creating a financial management plan is beneficial for managing your finances better and being able to work towards making big investments and saving for your future. Our financial advisors will help create your financial management plan from start to end, tailoring your plan specifically to your financial hopes and your lifestyle to make sure it works for you.

  • Confidence in Retirement Planning

    Sometimes planning for your future can seem daunting, which is why working with one of our financial advisors is a great way to make it less stressful. Working towards a retirement plan with one of our advisors includes calculating the level of income that you may need in your retirement and assessing the available income options in place for you. Feel confident about using your finances and making a retirement plan that you can rely on later in life.

  • Property & Investing

    Receive expert advice from our advisors about making property investments or expanding your portfolio. Prepare for your first property the right way with as much knowledge and understanding you can get about property investment. Our property investment advisory services involve assessing the most valuable ways to increase your capital growth and make a profit from significant investments.

So, how does it work?

If you’re looking for an expert team of financial advisors in Perth to help you take your next step towards financial success, look no further than our team at My Wealth Solutions. We are with you every step of the way as you make significant financial decisions and build your future.  

As your Perth financial advisors, we’re here to ensure that you have all the tools and knowledge you need to make smart financial decisions – both now and into the future. Book your free and no-obligation Discovery session – available online or face to face, and we’ll help you to assess your needs and sketch out your personalised financial roadmap.  From there, you decide whether you would like us to develop your plan and put your roadmap into action. We provide a very clear fee-for-service model once we know what your goals and strategies will be.

A lot of your financial success depends on the everyday decisions you make. With the My Wealth Solutions team by your side, you’ll have access to financial guidance backed by years of experience, industry insight, and our clients’ success stories. 

Find Out More About Our Financial Planning Process

Learn More About Financial Advice & Planning

  • What are your financial planning fees?

    At My Wealth Solutions, we believe that everyone deserves to be able to have access to financial advice and planning, regardless of the number beside your income.

    Our aim is to make sure you understand the finer details of your assets and personal wealth and how both can be managed to create a bright financial future.

    So our first consultation is on us.  During your first session, your Perth financial advisor will get to know you and your financial situation better and understand your short, medium and long-term financial goals. From here, we can create financial plan tailored to your unique needs and wants, as well as a pricing structure based only on the services we provide in your custom plan. This means you only pay for the services your receive.

    My Wealth Solutions is here to help, every step of the way.

    Find out more about our fee structure

  • Why Choose My Wealth Solutions?

    We can help with your financial challenges or a significant life event. But we offer much more than that.

    We’re your trusted planner who can create a financial roadmap to get you where you want to go. 

    We always tailor our financial plans to you and your needs, wants and situations, which means you never have to worry about whether your money is being put to the best use. We bank on the peace of mind we provide our clients.

    You can Google how to build a house, but unless you’re a builder you’re probably going to end up seeking outside guidance. Why? Because it’s the only way to know that it’s being done properly and will continue to support you for years to come.

    Your financial success works the same. Talk to one of our advisors today. 

  • How is My Wealth Solutions' investment strategy different?

    My Wealth Solutions provides comprehensive and strategic investment advice.

    Our investment strategies are delivered according to our C.A.R.E. process, which includes:

    • Core Investments (40%-100% portfolio depending on risk profile)
    • Active Investment (0%-20% portfolio depending on risk profile)
    • Reserves (Retirees 4 years worth of spending/Working Income Protection and Emergency Fund)
    • Enhanced Returns (0% – 35% depending on risk profile)

    Your My Wealth Solutions Perth financial advisor can provide you with more details about our C.A.R.E. Investment process.  This is generally how we believe investing should be done, though of course this may be affected by your personal circumstances or risk profile:

    Over the long-term, shares will generally perform better than any other passive investment.

    The trade-off is that shares will fluctuate in value. This is perfectly normal and if you own shares they will go down in value from time to time. However, when held for the long term and appropriately diversified, shares will deliver outstanding returns.

    Timing of the share market is largely a futile exercise.  No one can predict the short-term movements of the share market, although many do try.  Our advice is never speculative, instead we work to long-term investments that will deliver good returns to investors. This makes timing of the markets unnecessary.

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"Cory Behrens is extraordinarily knowledgeable and a great listener who has helped set me on the path to retirement."

Amanda Wallas


I was referred to My Wealth Solutions during an informal conversation with an acquaintance about consolidating superannuation accounts and financial advice in general. After some research, my wife and I decided to contact My Wealth Solutions and signed up. Following a number of friendly, focussed and professional conversations with Nikki about financial goals and priorities, My Wealth Solutions presented us with a well-researched and comprehensive report that detailed a number of options that we could consider. My wife and I have since decided which options and financial goals to pursue, and have been impressed with the prompt, courteous and professional service provided by Nikki and her team.


Fabulous team. Incredible personalised service. I have been with MWS for a number of years now and recommend to everyone! 5 stars.

Jessica J
Nikki and the team at My Wealth Solutions have been extremely helpful in building a savings strategy for my wife and I, as well as tuning our superannuation and life insurance to make the most of our money and get the best coverage for us. Nikki explains everything in a clear and easy to follow way, and we didn’t feel at any point that we were being lost in the jargon or terminology. My wife and I are very happy with the service that we are being provided, we are glad that My Wealth Solutions are helping us reach our savings goals, and we would definitely recommend them for any financial planning or advice.
Tony B

I believe whole heartedly everyone needs to take their wealth and future in their own hands and not just rely on their industry super fund. Financial industry professionals like Ben are key in helping us all achieve the goals we need looking beyond retirement. We were grossly under insured and had a poor idea about what insurance could really do for us as a family. He was so friendly and very approachable…Big tick from us!

Kristy R

We have found the team at My Wealth Solutions to be professional and extremely knowledgeable within their field. Ben has taught us so much about how to better our financial situation. Dallas and I highly recommend Ben and the team to anybody wanting to take their finances to the next level.

Renee W

Excellent service, very professional and great attention to detail. Highly recommend Ben and the team at My Wealth Solutions to take care of any of your financial needs.

Ilija S

Ben and the team have been such an asset to our wealth building journey. They’re always readily available for help and advice, specific to our particular scenario. It has been a pleasure working with this team and look forward to many more interactions in the future.

Erika D

We had an outstanding experience in dealing with My Wealth. They have set us up for the future and educated us all things finance. Couldn’t recommend more.

Danny K
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