Self-Managed Super Fund Advice

Expert guidance for those looking to establish an SMSF or improve an existing one.

Superannuation forms an essential cornerstone of any successful financial plan.

Most everyday families are content with an industry or retail fund where the majority of the work is taken care of by a professional fund manager. But for those who want more control over their superannuation investments, a self-managed super fund may be the solution.

A self-managed super fund, which is also known as an SMSF, gives you greater control over exactly which investment choices your super fund is utilising when compared to retail or industry funds.

The trade-off:

The need to be vigilant and actively involved with your fund on every investment decision. There are also significant costs – such as compliance, accounting and planning – associated with setting up and running an SMSF. This means they are usually only suitable for those with large balances who can ensure the investment growth exceeds the related costs.

Despite self-managed being in the name, an SMSF is not something that should be attempted without professional guidance to support you.

An SMSF is best suited for those:

  • With over $200,000 in their current super fund
  • Who want to use their super to invest in property
  • In possession of a clear plan for how to best manage their SMSF
  • With a firm grasp of investment knowledge
  • Who have the help of a team of expert financial advisors to guide them

Because of the costs associated with this type of fund, the help of a professional advisor has never been more important.

If you’re thinking of setting up a self-managed super fund or are seeking advice on how to better manage an established fund, our team of expert SMSF advisors are here to help.

We act as your go-to source of guidance when it comes to deciding whether an SMSF is the right option for you.

We can also help you set a clear plan for managing your SMSF that will ensure you’re on track to create your dream future.

Don’t let a lack of professional guidance endanger your financial future.

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The Benefits of a Self-Managed Super Fund

While a self-managed super fund does require a lot of work to do well, there are a number of benefits.

If established and managed well, the benefits of an SMSF can include:

  • Greater investment choice, such as property or even artwork
  • Better performance when compared to retail and industry funds
  • Having a super fund tailored to your unique financial circumstances
  • A risk management strategy tailored to your aversion to risk

Above all else, an SMSF gives you complete control of exactly where you’re investing the money you worked hard to earn.

We’ve had experience helping clients use their SMSF to purchase everything from property to vintage cars.

But how do you know exactly which type of investment is the right choice to help you meet your short, medium and long-term goals?

That’s where the support of a team of dedicated financial advisors is invaluable.

We can help you tackle every step of the self-managed super fund process with the confidence only professional guidance can provide.

Whether you want to know more about which type of investment will put your super money to best use or are just looking for an experienced partner to guide you on your SMSF journey, we’re here for you.

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Need SMSF advice? We can help

Taking control of your super through a self-managed super fund can be an exciting time.

But a SMSF also comes with a number of administrative and compliance-related obligations you’ll have to navigate.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to figure them out on your own.

By becoming a part of the My Wealth Solutions community, you gain access to a dedicated team of SMSF experts at your fingertips.

Your team of expert advisors can help by:

  • Answering any and all questions you may have
  • Clearly explaining the costs and obligations that come with having an SMSF
  • Helping you decide whether an SMSF is the right option for you
  • Working with you to set up and run your SMSF fund
  • Reviewing your current super fund
  • Making sure that you will have enough super for retirement
  • Helping you choose the right investment strategies for your unique financial situation

We aim to make the process as stress-free as possible by working with a specialist administrator to make sure you’re getting the most out of your super fund while meeting all your obligations.

Choosing to set-up and manage an SMSF is a major commitment, which is why we recommend speaking to your team of dedicated financial advisors before making any decisions.

At My Wealth Solutions, we take a holistic view that considers every aspect of your financial world. That means we’re uniquely positioned to advise you on whether an SMSF is right for you and your unique situation.

And do you want to know the best part?

All you have to do get started is sit down with us for an obligation-free initial consultation, where the cost is on us.

Speak to us today to see if an SMSF is right for you. Even if it’s not, your team of advisors will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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Want To Use Your SMSF To Invest In Property?

SMSF Property Advice

Using your SMSF to invest in property has both benefits and limitations. With a team of experienced SMSF advisors in your corner, you’ll be able to navigate all of the fine details with confidence.

Ben and the team at My Wealth are a very professional, yet friendly service. I feel confident that my money is being handled with my best interests at heart. I would recommend My Wealth to anyone, no matter your financial position!
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My Wealth Solutions are the first financial advisers I have found that consider your entire financial position. They are not focused on one product or investment type, rather they are focused on finding the right financial solution for your current situation. I am looking forward to working with Ben and his team over the coming years.

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I contacted Ben Budge to provide a holistic review of our financial position, including investments, superannuation and retirement planning. Ben provided a summary of our financial goals, along with how our strategies aligned with those objectives…which was great for motivating us to make some changes…I would consider Ben to be very professional and friendly, and I’d recommend him to anyone seeking to secure their financial and retirement planning.

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I was recommended Guy Freeman’s help with planning my financial future, and am very satisfied and reassured by his input over the last couple of years. I’ve actually received more input than I thought possible…sound investments; making a will, life insurance, income protection insurance, and realistic plans for retirement… I feel ‘looked after’ by this company, and excited about my financial future.

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Guy…was also the most helpful and friendly of all the advisors. The quick responses and helpful, friendly advise has been a mainstay of our dealings with Guy and MWS. We have been very satisfied with the financial advice given. They helped us to consider matters like income protection, super funds and life insurance that we had very little knowledge about. Guy has also been able to give us a focus for our savings and investments going forward into the future.

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MWS have been great, they got our super sorted out and made sure our insurances are in tip-top shape if anything were to happen. I highly recommend their services to anyone who hasn’t put any time or thought into their financial strategy for the short and long term.

Dan S.

…They have provided my partner and I peace of mind that our future is more secure especially with a baby on the way. Our super is working for us rather than the big companies…and they have put a smart financial strategy in place that meets our life goals. I have recommended MWS to many of my friends and will to anyone new as I am confident that they conduct themselves in the best interest of their clients.

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Guy has been most helpful from the first meeting and still continues to ensure I am kept in the loop with everything in regard to my financial position. Guy sorted my super and has ensured my insurances are relevant to my current position. Highly recommend MWS.

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