Our Wealth Management Program

Grow and protect your assets.

Preserve, protect and maximise your assets with a wealth management program that works for you. If you have established an asset base — business, personal, investment or otherwise — we can offer you the advice you need to grow and get the best return on these assets. My Wealth Solutions have a reputation for delivering excellent wealth management advice in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Our Wealth Management program will help you make smart decisions about the assets you have spent your time and energy building.

Who Is This Program For?

Our wealth management program is tailored for each individual and is based on two different stages of life.

Wealth Builders & Accumulators

Those with who have accrued significant through the form of superannuation, investment property and equity and are looking to grow and protect these assets that they’ve worked so hard to build.

Currently Retired or About to Retire

The other clients who are suited to our wealth management program are those who are looking to maintain their current lifestyle and utilise their nest egg to support their ongoing income requirements throughout retirement.

This program is best suited to people who want:

  • A clear plan for their financial future
  • A support team who will help with financial and administration questions on a regular basis
  • Regular reviews of plans, strategies and investments by a professional
  • Financial advisors who take the time to listen and have a thorough understanding of their personal circumstances, goals, strategies, plans and investments
  • Expert advisors who keep up to date on the latest financial and economic changes and issues.
  • To reduce tax and put these savings towards building your wealth
  • Transparency and regular communication on issues that could effect them
  • To implement strategies and actions based on solid advice

If you’re not sure if this program is the right solution for you, our staff are happy to discuss your circumstances to help you find the most suitable option.

What Does This Program Involve?

Our Wealth Management program is specifically designed to help you implement the best strategies to grow and protect your current assets.

We do this by meeting with you personally to deliver advice in two main stages:

  1. Initial planning and recommendations – usually discussed over the course of  3 meetings – Ongoing review, Planning and Recommendations
  2. Our Wealth Management Program has been developed based on proven strategies and methods. It includes:
  • Ongoing access to a personal advisor
  • Ongoing access to the My Wealth Solutions financial planning team
  • Up to four formal review meetings per year
  • Up to four reviews of your financial plan per year – this includes a review of the strategies and investments within your plan
  • A written report detailing these reviews
  • Project management

Our financial advisors are experts in their field and are passionate about providing you with the best quality advice and guidance. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re getting the most out of your assets.

To find out more about our Wealth Management program call our Brisbane-based team on 07 3852 4114 or fill out our Contact Form and we’ll get back to you.

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