Pathway to Wealth

Build your assets for a comfortable and stress free retirement.

At My Wealth Solutions we believe everyone should be able to enjoy a relaxing and happy retirement. Unfortunately, many Australians have not properly prepared for their retirement and may not qualify for the aged pension. Pathway to Wealth is an award-winning financial management program focused on giving people a future they can look forward to by helping them achieve their retirement goals.

The step by step program is designed to help average Australians build enough wealth and assets for a comfortable retirement. Our experts will work personally with you to build on, improve and leverage the financial foundation you have already created.

Who Is This Program For?

This program is best suited to people who:

  • Want to plan for a secure retirement
  • Want to protect the financial future of their family
  • Earn a salary and want their money to go further
  • Have $100k or more of their own equity
  • Desire a comfortable retirement with a high standard of living.

What Does This Program Involve?

Pathway to Wealth is a comprehensive program that combines all the key elements of a successful wealth creation and investment plan. We will personally take you through proven step-by-step strategies for building and protecting wealth and assets, while giving you a clear picture and understanding of how to plan your retirement properly.

The key elements in this program include:

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